Help? Gucci at saks

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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    I wanted to order the gucci sukey at SAKs but when I got there she said its only in the canvas with white trim leather and the price was over 1000/ I know the on line it say 850. Can the price be different at saks then I know that the sukey comes in the guccissma in black, beige, black, white. Can the SA search other SAkS store for a particular color? I walked out with a off white guccissma d- gold tote which I think is too large for me. I want to return it and order the sukey medium or the guccissma web . Sometimes I feel they don't want to seach other store
  2. Yes, they can go on line and check the availability of the other Saks stores...if they're in the mood! I also had the D-ring in the Guccissima but it had a defective zipper and I sent it back (FedEX insured) then I ordered the same bag again to replace it and the leather wasn't the same, it was thick and not very soft so I returned it too! I am like you and looking for the Suki instead. I do like the one with the white trim plus it's lighter weight than the Guccissima leather. Godd Luck:smile:
  3. My SA at NM said that the look book for the large canvas sukey said it was going to be $1205 but when it came in - it was ticketed at $850. Which is a great price for that size of a bag! Too bad they won't research it for you - it clearly says on the Gucci website that the price is $850.
  4. sometimes we know more then the SA. We the consumer always research the item esp if its $$$. When I went to saks the SA said its 1295. I guess I was hesitate to say I thought it was 850. Also, I was looking at one of the other style bags and I knew it came in another color and of course she insisted it only came in black. That drove me crazy. I think sometimes you do have to be like assertive (and not come across as you know ..a ) and hopefully they work with you.