Help! Gucci at Bloomingdales?

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  1. Hi! quick question. I just bought a small gucci purse on ebay. The seller told me she had gotten it at Bloomingdales in Chicago, which was reassuring. But when I look at the Bloomingdales homepage, it doesn't look like they sell Gucci bags! Has anyone here ever seen or bought Gucci at a Bloomingdales?? Thanks.
  2. Different stores carry different lines. Not all lines that are carried in the stores are available online. My suggestion would be to call the Chicago store and ask if they carry Gucci.
  3. YES..they carry Gucci..The online sites dont carry the same things..each store varies with their clientele
  4. Thanks guys! Good idea psueb. Anyone been to an actual chicago bloomingdales?
  5. Yes.I have been there!
  6. ooops!! I just called the store and they said they didn't think they had ever sold Gucci. So I wrote back to the ebay seller and accused her of being confused/lying. Meanwhile, Jill is an eyewitness to the bags in the store. Ugh. Oh well, I guess this will press her to tell the truth if it is fake. But I hope I haven't hurt her feelings. I wish people would only sell real stuff so we didn't have to go through all this on ebay...
  7. I havent been to Chicago in many years...However,they do sell designer goods at that store...the Handbag buyer would be able to tell you...ask for her in the Handbag dept them..Most SA's have no clue.I would ask for the head of the dept! Hope this helps...
  8. Mm, that's true! I've read some threads about SAs being mistaken. Especially those that are fairly new or just dont care what comes out of their mouth.
  9. I Once Worked For Bloomingdales (Corp.) me & I'd Be Glad To Tell You More......

    Anyways, Yes, The Site Is Different From The Stores & Each Store Is Different.

    I May Be Wrong, But, I Believe The Only Gucci Bloomie's Chicago Sells (In Accessories) Are Belts (Maybe Sunglasses & Watches).

    Ask To Speak To The Accessories Or Handbag Manager. Chances Are You Will Not Get Them Right AWay. Leave A Message For Them To Call You Back ASAP. You Can Also Ask For A Manager Who Is Workig @ The Time.

    They Will Get Your Information For You (Chances Are They Won't Be Thrilled To Be Part Of An eBay Transaction ((Nothing Against eBAy)). You May Say It Was Gift You Can Not Use.

    I Hope Some Of This Helps. Please Free To PM Or Email Anytime!
  10. Thanks Bagluv! This seller keeps promising that the bag is real and that I can have it authenticated when I get I haven't pressed her further. But I will definitely message you if the bag arrives and looks suspicious. I guess there is a gucci botique in the same building as the mich ave bloomingdales, so hopefully she meant that she got it there?

    Anyway, I appreciate your offer very much and will be in touch soon if I need to do "further investigating!"
  11. Good luck, and be really careful because there are a lot of very real looking Gucci fakes out there, I once found a link to a guy in China who makes them by the batch and they looked extremely authentic but were totally NOT.

  12. Just thought I'd leave an update. The purse arrived and it looks real to me. Every zipper has an appropriate metal hangtag, the G's in the fabric are perfectly straight, and the serial numbers look like those I've seen in real bags. The purse is a little beat up, so she clearly used it, but generally I think it was a great deal for the price. I don't live near a botique, but next time I'm in NYC or DC, I'll have it checked out. At this point, I'd bet money that it's genuine (although I'm not an expert...but have been learning from all of you here at the forum!)

    Thanks for all of your advice:smile:
  13. I think you already did bet your money it was real!!! I'm glad it seems genuine :smile: