HeLp GST in GH or SL

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Black GST with Gold or Silver Hardware

  1. Black GST w/GH

  2. Black GST w/SH

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  1. I wanna get the GST in black but I'm torn on which color hardware Gold or Silver. Please help ladies and if possible post pics of you modeling either one.
  2. I could not make up my mind - got both!
    Get both it you can :rolleyes: - if not, it depends what color jewelry do you wear the most?
  3. silver!
  4. I love the silver.... But my Jewelry is either Silver or Platinum.....
  5. I think the gold hardware is a classic colour on the GST, and that the silver gives it a very modern edge.

    I adore both, so think of maybe what you want the bag to say lol, or if you have a jewellery tone preference.
    Both are beautiful, you will not be disappointed whichever you choose.
  6. Silver!
  7. i love the black with the gold...
  8. i have the silver and i love it. i wear mostly white gold or platinum though. my first two purchases were the GST with SH, then I bought the classic flap in GH. I wear my yellow gold jewelry with my classic flap
  9. gold def
  10. Gold
  11. If you wear mostly white gold, silver or plantinum jewelry, I'd think silver would be best. Either way, you'll have a gorgeous classic bag, you can't lose on this one.
  12. What color jewelry do you usually wear?
  13. Silver for me! When I'm a bit older & have kids of my own - I would probably upgrade to Gold :tup:
  14. Love both HW, but i will prefer the SHW!~
  15. Gold for sure! I'm 25 and I have the gold one and love it!