Help! GST dilemma – Brown or Bordeaux


Which color GST would you pick?

  1. GST – Brown?

  2. GST - Bordeaux

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  1. Help Chanel ladies!
    I went and looked at both colors today and simply cannot make up my mind.:confused1::shrugs:
    In a more lighted area I love the brown and in a less lightly lit area I love the Bordeaux
    I would wear both colors equally, so that’s not a concern.
    Can you PLEASE get your thoughts on which color you would choose?

    Thank you – THANK YOU!:smile:
  2. I prefer the brown.
  3. I like the bordeaux, simply because I love colours with deeper undertones. From afar the bordeaux looked very brown, but when you get closer you can see the purply undertones. Its TDF.:love:
  4. The way my SA helped me decide (as I ordered sight unseen-she HAD seen them ) was whether or not I already HAD enough....any... brown bags...

    Since I didn't have a brown Chanel(and I did want it to coordinate with browns) I got the BROWN!! If you ALREADY have some brown bags.. go with Bordeaux!! BOTH are gorgeous!
  5. I appreciate your thoughts - thank you:smile:
  6. The brown looks too dark and dull to me. I vote for bordeaux.
  7. in a vacuum, the bordeaux is a prettier color. but you must tend to wear more browns or blacks -- most people don't wear both colors equally. if you wear more browns, i would vote for the brown. if you wear more blacks, i would vote bordeaux because i don't like dark brown accessories with black.
  8. My new bordeaux GST will be arriving Saturday!! I'll report on the color. I bought it sight unseen over the phone. It sounds like a gorgeous color and I can't wait to see it.
    --Judy -->who is new to the forum, but a "bag lady" from way back ;)
  9. I don't know if this is true,

    but I was just told by an s/a that the bordeaux will be a more collectible color becuase she said every season Chanel come out with one collectible color and she said that the Bordeaux is limited and the brown is not.
    - I have no idea if that's what Chanel does -she may have just been trying to get me to buy one...geez I'm just realized I'm kind of jaded toward s/a's opinions :O
  10. I'm partial, I have the bordeaux and it looks awesome when I wear brown or black!
  11. Does anyone happen to have pictures of these two colors so that I may be able to input?
  12. I saw the Bordeaux in person and I think you have to see it in person to appreciate it.

    I hated the photos. I thought they just looked dark brown but it is a very, very dark redish brown color. Very pretty and unique. It would be my choice.
  13. I agree with you - its my World
    Photos do not do the color justice.

    On another note - Is my poll working ok?
    its my first time doing one and I don't see anything showing up:confused1:
  14. Bordeaux. I think it's a beautiful color for fall.
  15. OMG!
    what an internet bozo I am :p
    I just realized I had to hit the "view poll results" to see the results -ugh!