Help Gryson bags

  1. Hi All-- New here and need help quickly. I'm looking for a Gryson Olivia and would love opinions on eBay #350000399018 and 180185666332. Both sellers have good feed back and both say they purchased them from upscale department stores but after checking out the replicas over on iOffer. . . I could really use some knowledgeable opinions. I've already posted on the Authenticate This thread. TIA
  2. They both look okay to me. I would err on the side of the second one, since the pictures are so much more detailed. Good luck!
  3. i just bought a gryson skye from the seller of the 1st one and i have an authentic olivia to compare it to and it is FOR SURE the real deal i felt the same way so scared cause there are so many fakes but shes super nice, sent me a copy of the receipt i even called the store and they of course did have them and its all good
    the bag i got from her is perfect so i would def go with the 1st one :smile:

    I didnt even look @ the second cause i know the seller of the 1st sold me an authentic bag (just arrived yesterday nite!)
  4. Good luck with your purchase. I am in total love with Gryson bags. Everything about them is just divine. Just bought myself a Skye today too :heart:
  5. Wow, I must be in the minority. I just bought one online from Neiman, I think it was $800 on sale for $250 and I am completely unimpressed. The leather is not very nice and worst of all, the shoulder strap is so tiny I can barely fit my arm through it (it's supposed to be a shoulder bag). And that was wearing a t-shirt, much less a coat or sweater. What were they thinking??? It's definitely going back.
  6. Which Gryson bag do you have?
  7. Thanks everyone. Just got back onto the computer after the wind knocked our power out so I missed the first bag. On to the next.
  8. Check your local Nordstrom Rack too. :yes: