Help, growing weary...

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  1. I guess it's been 2 months since I purchased my last bag, my beloved Stratus PM. I've been 'saving myself' for an Anthracite Nimbus PM...and I only have a short time to go (assuming my SA will have one for me when they are released in Sept.). BUT I'm really growing weary, and have so much temptation to buy something now. First, there is the upcoming ridiculous Chanel price increase, so I'm tempted to hurry up and get something before then. And there are all the new Balenciaga fall colors, and I'm digging the Twiggy bag and don't have one yet. I guess there are a few bags on my 'wishlist', but truth be told, those bags would not make me as happy as holding the Nimbus in my grubby paws...I know this because I am SO in love with my Beige Stratus PM, and I happen to love gray AND the Nimbus style...and I didn't get one before because the GM was too big so the PM will be perfect. My point...I guess I don't really have one, just need support or to chat or something. Anyone hurting bad with anticipation for a bag? How do you stay focused?!?! Anyone getting a gray Nimbus??? :nuts:
  2. i'm planning on getting a GM one because it fits me better. but like you, i haven't bought anything since beginning of July and it's getting to me. haha. i'm so tempted to get accessories or something but i've decided that the money should go towards the nimbus. it's almost here!
  3. Yes!!! I've waitlisted for both Anthracite and Perle. I'm just hoping I'll love them IRL as I haven't seen the Nimbus (or any of the Olympe bags, for that matter) IRL before. Sept 1 is just around the corner....yay!!!!
  4. I know...I KNOW...I can't! Sad, I'd give up 8 days for it to be Sept. 1st already. lol I hope I like them IRL too! I better after this painful wait!!!
  5. id like to think that the bags that i own have feelings and needs, and they would get very disappointed if i didnt wear them as often as i could. so as not to make my bags cry with sadness, i avoid caving in to a purchase too quickly because the others would be depressed.....i think that means im insane.

  6. yes, hurry up and get something, woman!!!! :graucho::heart:;)
  7. Awww, sweet 'sophia's mom'...I can always count on you! lol You in with me on the Nimbus PM too???? :graucho:
  8. Hold out, girl!!!! It's hard....I'm trying to be good and wait for the mirage speedy!!
  9. I get that way too! Maybe you can buy a small something to hold you over... a cles or an inclusion piece or something!
  10. oo girlsgotto, I'm eyeing the mirage too! It's so hot! First things first though... lol =)
  11. You should definately wait. It seems like you are pretty set on the nimbus. If it turns out you don't like it in person, you can always get one of the other bags then. Good luck!!

    (I know how you feel though because I have absolutely NO patience at all!!!)
  12. You have my sympathy, hon. But I admit, I don't have as varied taste as you do so it's easier for me to keep my focus. Chanel, Balenciaga, Louis all great bags (and expensive, too) what's a girl to do? From your post I think that the Nimbus is your "true love" right now so if I were you I'd stick to my guns and wait for it.

    I'm waiting for an LV bag that doesn't come out until November (& luckily the price point is quite nice- $825 at last appoximation) It's a bit of a wait but I made a little "scrapbook" type deal with pictures of it that I found on tpf and the internet, as well as some written info. That entertains me while I wait and maybe that could work for you too, if you'e into that sort of thing. :p
  13. I know how you feel. My current dilemma is deciding whether to save my money and buy something big in a few weeks or spend it now on a few smaller things. The free shipping on eLUXURY and the fact that I'm very much an impulse buyer does not help...LOL