Help! Groom or Mini Lin Cles?

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Which Cles? Mini Lin or Groom?

  1. Mini Lin

  2. Groom

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  1. Getting my first cles and was wondering I should get which of the above? Worried that the groom would peel off but i like the idea of the canvas material which is supposedly better than the mini lin's. Help!
  2. Get the mini lin, the groom can possibly get worn off with use, just like Cerise, mc, cb, any of that. the mini lin is so pretty and durable.
  3. groom is so cute!!
  4. The groom is cute and the mini lin I would worry would be subject to fabric pulls with free floating keys and pens.
  5. I love the Groom one.
  6. ehh i like mini lin better!
  7. both. They are both too different. I would use mini lin more, but you will need to trade out between both to avoid excessive wear and tear. You're speaking to the girl who just got two cles today.

  8. mini lin
  9. Groom
  10. Groom
  11. oh dear, i like both
  12. Groom
  13. Groom
  14. Groom is cute and if you decide on that one put it in the cell phone or zip pocket of the bag so it doesn't get too worn.
  15. definantely the groom! and isnt it a LE also?? So you should pick one up before they leave..