HELP!! Gris Tourterelle or Parchmein with Gold HW orSilver??

  1. Please help my quest for a everyday light color/hw combo in 30 birkin. Somehow I feel the gris tourtelle matches well with palladium hw because the gris is a cooler tone and the parchmein looks good with gold hw because of the warmer, creamier tone.

    I'm usually a palladium gal but a gris tourterelle with gold hw has come my way, and it looks great too, but do I take it or leave it??????????????? Aghhh, this is fustrating....I'm usually dressed in black, occasional pinks and reds. Need your advice, please.
  2. If the Gris looks good and you think it will go well with your outfits...Maybe go in with a "regular" outfit to try it again before you make your decsion (sp I can't spell to save my life Sorry!) Goodluck :tup:
  3. Like you, I love Gris Tourterelle, but I actually tend to like it better with PHW, while I love the look of Parchmein with Gold. :s So, Im no help am I??

    It's a tough call, but I would stick to my guns with regard to hardware color, personally. Even if a particular leather/color looks great with GHW and it's right in front of me, I am learning to pass on it because I *know* myself and I won't be 100% happy with the GHW the vast majority of the time (exception might be an evening bag or a brown Birkin).
  4. definitely wait for palladium if that's what you want. i would get phw with gris t, and ghw with parchmein also! you should be 100% happy with your decision. it's always good to be open-minded though and check things out in real life...cuz you never know if you'll change your mind!!!
  5. I would like it in palladium hardware. :heart::smile:
  6. I like BOTH in PHW.
  7. I thought I saw a cool grey kelly and birkin with GH in the Asian Hermes and/or celebrity thread, I think GH's got that extra oomph over the PH.

    Unless you are very minimalist dresser, in which case the PH would work better for you.
  8. With the colors you mentioned in your outfits, both colors would work well.

    With Gris, it would be more 4 seasons, hence more versatile.

    I love the Parchmein too, but would only wear it in warmer seasons. But of course, it could work as a winter white too.

    Have you considered etoupe? It's kind of like gris but even more neutral. Oops, I guess I'm not helping.

    Okay if I were to choose today, I'd go for Gris both hardwares are fine.
  9. I love parchmein, with gold.
  10. Gris Tourterelle with Palladium Hardware sounds heavenly.
  11. I prefer the gris with phw and the parchemin with ghw. The latter is "creamier" in color and complements the ghw very well....
  12. I prefer gris tourtourelle with palladium and parchemain with gold
  13. :tup:
  14. with an open mind, if you reckon the gris T looks good in g/w hardware, then get it...

    but if your mind is afix to gris with p/w, then even after you get this bag, you will never be 100% satisfied.

    i personally think gris should be fine with g/w. :biggrin:
  15. definitely palladium.