HELP! Grief over Mom's new damier highbury!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new here and wanted to let you know that my siblings and i chipped in to help my mom buy a new LV Damier Highbury for her **th bday! She loves it and it's the perfect size and color. But her friends are giving her grief over the price. I say that the bag is the best quality and she'll use it over the next 10 yrs and it will still be classic. What do you think??
  2. lots of people give others a hard time about how much they pay for their bags, but they just dont understand. they probably wont ever understand unless they buy a bag for themselves.
  3. Where is it her friends business to say anything? It was a gift so it's not as though she paid for it!?! On this forum we all undertstand the value of an expensive bag!
  4. i think its kind of rude that her friends are giving her grief over a gift that her children gave her. who cares how much it was, its the sentimental value that counts.
  5. Jealousy can be a very ugly thing.
  6. For her next birthday you should chip in and get her some new friends.
  7. Your mom should have a quick comeback like: "All my darling children chipped in to buy me this gorgeous birthday gift that I will enjoy for many many years to come. I am their mother after all! I'm worth it!";)
  8. Hi Elaine130 - sad they are giving her grief - probably wont last, just a jealous moment or knee-jerk reaction I'm sure.

    I just bought my mum a Marc Jacobs bag - I'm expecting some fall-out from family members - I dont think any of them have ever spent more than $50 on a bag ever LOL .. but my mom is beside herself knowing its arriving next week -- its an early Mothers day present, I had her try it on when I was visiting her last fall and had it sent to her this week end .. she's never had a bag over $50 herself, well except for a Coach for $200 I gave her last year lol -- I hope she doesn't get much grief, her friends are very gracious though but most of my family that live near her may give her or me grief, but that's just their style - some folks just dont have grace alas -- her delight is what is important :smile: great for you guys to make her smile!
  9. They are just jealous that their kids are not doing the same for them!
    Jealousy is a very ugly thing and I'm sorry that your mom had to endure that, especially over her birthday present.

    Tell you mom, she deserves every penny, dime, love, blood, sweat and tears that went into the purse.
    (ok, a little too dramatic, but she is your mom.)

    Please tell her to enjoy it and that she will definitely get alot of use out of it.

    BTW, the more use she gets out of it, the less the cost, so price is not the concern! ;)
  10. tell them to mind their own business and if they are so worried over a bag then obviously its a big deal to them. Tell them also to join TPF :p

    BTW- Congrats on your mums new bag !
  11. :roflmfao:

    That was funny!
  12. Your mom is worth every penny of that Highbury and more! Her friends are so jealous of her because of two things:

    1) She has a fabulous new LV bag!
    2) She has fantastic kids who value and honor her!

    Hooray for you, your siblings, and your mom!!!

    BTW, I have the Highbury, too, and it is a great bag!
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  14. First of all, happy b-day to your mom!!! She has great kids!! It was very nice of you and your sibs to buy her a beautiful bag.

    It is none of her friends' business on how much your mom's b-day gift costed you and your sibs. Buying her that purse was your choice on how you wanted to spend your money.... the bill is going to you and not to the friends, so they shouldn't be worried about it. All they should be saying is "What a nice present from your kids!!!"

    I hope your mom enjoys her new birthday gift!!!
  15. I think that is a fab gift and her friends are just jealous they should mind their own buisness your poor mam having to put up with that. Who are they to criticise a gift from her children!