Help! Grey or Blue MJ Large Single?

  1. I can't decide the color and on hold 2 currently. Need to make a decision soon! The chain is thinner and lighter! I think this is new version? I like it so much! Pls help to choose the color!
    image-3664752179.jpg image-666344805.jpg image-1390835022.jpg
  2. Forgot to mention, both lining is red and no more zipper inside the bag! I was looking for a grey bag and love this grey. However when saw the blue....I have my 2nd thought now.
  3. I would get the grey bag. I have a blue baroque (different color blue), and I really like it, but I can wear it with as many items as I would like. The grey will be MUCH more versatile (unless you already have one in black, then I would get the blue).
  4. Thanks. I love this grey very much! But the blue also gorgeous! And the SA also said blue nicer. That's why.....I'm a bit indecisive :sad:
  5. Did you say red?? Nice! I love any pop of color. I would choose blue but I would get the color you would use more with your outfits.
  6. I would choose the blue one too, as long as it won't clash with everything you own.
  7. Blue!
  8. I vote grey! So striking with the silver hw. :yes: And just more versatile.
  9. I like the blue
  10. I already have several blue bags, but not exactly this blue color. So I tend to choose the grey, but I also like this blue very much! The color really pop!
  11. I vote blue!
  12. I love the grey!
  13. I can't believe the stam is gone and now the single has been changed and we lost a zipper :tdown:

    If you have the right wardrobe get the blue, because it is a much richer color than the grey.
  14. I still saw Stam there. No longer produce already? The new single, chain in thinner, is it better? All the compartment is the same but no more zipper. The lining is red now instead of black.
  15. BLUE!! Saks have paradise rio in pacific , thinking of getting it :smile: