Help!! Grey Birkin ??? Leather & HW

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  1. Last spring my BF:heart: and I went to Berlin for some shopping and while we were all over the Friedrichstraße... we stoped by the Hermes Boutique.

    It was pretty late so we coudlnt go inside anymore and when we walked by I told him that my ultimate dream bag would be a Birkin... I couldnt stop thinking of my dream bag and were talking about it all the time (He was botherd)...

    My BF is often in Berlin for business and he told me, he went 1 week after or trip back to the Store to place an order...!!!!

    But after the SA told him about all the options he was pretty confused and ordered a Togo Birkin 40 in Etoupe...?

    So he told me about that super special gift... first I was super happy!!

    But now I am not sure, if its the right Bag for me.

    So whats the difference between clemence and Togo...

    What kind of Greys does Hermes offer??? all the internet pics didnt helped at all.

    I am pretty tall like 6' or 184cm and thin so is a 40 to big is it going to be nuts carrying it all day???

    Thanks in advance
  2. I love Etoupe. I have a garden party in that color. I know for me, I think etoupe is more brown than grey. I think 35 or 40 would both look great on you.
  3. Is there any way you could go to a boutique and have a look at the leather book? It sometimes hard to tell about a colour from pictures.
  4. Thanks. :smile: I love Togo and Clemence, now its between this two...

    Etoupe is super pretty...
    Are there anymore greyish kinda colors.... graphite is pretty but to dark, I d like to have a bright grey, ...

    any Ideas?
  5. Congrats on your order. There is a ton of info PF on colors and leathers and I've found them to be true to life. Please do a search to narrow down your options. That should make the decision easier for you.
  6. If I were you I would love the order it's very nice classic colors and 40 is wonderful size my every day bag is a 40cm gold fjord and I could not have asked for a better birkin, etoupe is warmer that gris T ,your friend did a very good job and I hope it comes in soon,hope it helps darling birkel.
  7. lots of people waiting for the perfect Grey!!! Today Non Exotic- to my knowledge, there is only Gris T (which is very much like Etoupe - so it's like "beige" color without the white stitching contrast). Ardoise, Graphite, and Anthracite not as dark as Graphite.
    Coming up for SS 2011 is also a new "GRIS PERLE", but no one has seen leather swatches yet. This one should be very close to Gris T.
  8. DennisLVoes, I think a 40 Togo etoupe will be gorgeous. You are tall, a smaller bag might not work for you, it could look too small and not proportional. I personally looove etoupe, a classic lighter gray and just perfect in Togo (I am awaiting a Togo etoupe bag right now). Gris T can be very pale. Togo has a smaller grain and does not slouch as much as clemence (I would not suggest a 40 in clemence unless you want it VERY slouchy). Also, to me etoupe appears grayer in Togo.
  9. I thought the gris touretelle (sp?) came with white stitching as well. Does it?
  10. I have a 30 Etoupe in Togo - I LOVE it!!! Mine looks slightly taupe in some light (sunlight), but in warmer (indoor) lighting, it looks more gray with a tint of lavender. It is super versatile and a chameleon in the different colors that it brings out.

    The Togo grain is awesome because it's smaller. Mine has no veining which was a relief because I'm not a fan of veins (I know, I know - these are organic materials so you have to expect some of it). I was just fortunate.

    Your BF made a great choice - trust me, you'll fall in love when you get it! Can't wait to see your reveal!
  11. I'm assuming you're a guy? I think you can certainly pull off a 40 cm if so. Actually IMO it's more attitude than size anyhow. And how much you need to carry.

    I love etoupe personally, but I've heard some say it didn't work with their skin tones. I would love an etoupe birkin, but if it's grey you're after, there are others that are more what I consider grey. Etoupe has some grey undertones but it's really a chameleon. It's more on the brown side of taupe than the grey side, though.

    What a great boyfriend to get it for you though!
  12. Based on grey's avail: I like graphite(tonal stitching) then etoupe(has white contrast stitching).
    Taking into consideration your weather/location .. and if you are invited to place an SO ..
    if yes, can consider a bi-, tri-color w/ ardoise:love: for a year round bag:P
  13. ITA! Etoupe is a chameleon, but I wouldn't strictly classify it as "gray" either - definitely a cool mushroom brown with gray & even lavender tones as tustin stated. I have a togo in vert olive - it can look gray, olive or dark khaki depending on the lighting & what I pair it with (e.g. it pops against warmer colors, it is understated with charcoal, etc.). Mine is uber-veiny & I love it! That's the beauty of some Hermes colors like etoupe - you really get to enjoy so many different hues with the same bag.

    Both clemence & togo are pebbly leathers that wear well IMO. Clemence is heavier than Togo, so that may be a consideration - especially with the size you're getting. I just turned down a 35 clemence, but that's just me & my lack of forearm commitment.

    You might also want to think about the shape of your 40 - a clemence won't hold the shape as well a stiffer leather, but it's heaven if you like a slouchy or batwing look. Clemence is also wonderfully soft.

    I'm sure a 40 will be great with your height - it definitely won't disappear on you.

    Honestly, I think most of us learn through trial & error with our various H bag choices. They are expensive lessons to learn, but at least H Birkins, et al. look pretty sitting on closets...available only to me, my dog & my husband :rolleyes:

    Good luck with your decision & enjoy your lovely present from your boyfriend!