Help--gray or black boots??

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  1. I found the perfect knee length boots yesterday, great heel, softest leather and comfortable fit. The problem is I can't decide whether to get gray or black. And they are expensive, so I can't get both. The gray is a gorgeous shade. I have 3 pairs of black boots but they aren't as comfortable. Gray would go with navy and brown but I also have so much black in my wardrobe. Can't decide...please help.
  2. gray looks perfect with black too. If you already have plenty of black boots, go for gray.

    and please share a picture, I'm dying to know what these perfect boots are :girlsigh:
  3. Another vote for grey! I love grey boots.
    A couple of months ago I found the most precious and comfortable high-heeled boots, and I purchased two in brown and one pair in black. They didn't have any grey ones left in my size, I really wanted the grey ones too :crybaby:

    And yes, please post pics! I'm curious!
  4. I hear ya b/c I have so many black shoes and boots and can't get enough. But grey is a fabulous choice, so why not? Yes, let's see pics!!
  5. Gray definitely, but make them suede. Gray smooth leather tends to look too bland, IMO.
  6. This seems to be the year for I vote grey. I love it, and the boots sound great. Of course, grey looks good with black too and you just cant go wrong with it.