Help! Goyard Belvedere MM or Hermes herbag?

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  1. I'm going to Paris in October and so excited to purchase a special bag for myself as a souvenir for our vacay. My heart was set on the belvedere mm classic until I saw the price of the herbag zip pm which is about the same. I couldn't make up my mind, this will be my first either way.
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    I vote for Goyard.
  3. I have a herbag and as much as I love her (... ;)) I would not recommend it as a workhorse. It is hard to get in, you need both hands and they tend to develop spots under the rain. I do not use mine very often.
  4. I have been offered a herbag before, and after initial inspection, I learned I did not like it at all. It was very cumbersome getting in and out of the bag (requires 2 hands as others have mentioned). My SA even had a hard time closing it to put it back in the orange box. If this bothers you too, I would not recommend it.

    I'm not familiar with the belvedere so I cannot offer advice on that one.
  5. Price point is about the same, I have been eyeing on herbag, and thought maybe this is my only chance to own Hermes to add on my humble purse collection.
    However, I'm torn between the herbag and goyard.
  6. belvedere for sure.
  7. I would buy the Goyard, even though I am not a Goyard fan. It's a very durable bag whereas any canvas bag, even tough H canvas, will only take so much use. You could try an Hermès Garden Party in canvas - they are tougher, with leather base, and way easier to use than Herbag.
  8. Herbag is a tough bag to use. Go for goyard.
  9. I think it depends on what you want to use the bag for. If you want a light bag to stuff lots of things in (kind of like the LV neverful), then you what the Goyard.

    If you want a tad more stylish bag to go out on dates or look good...and you can use both your hands to open bags, I say go with the herbag.

    The Goyard, after some use will start to tatter on the corners and I honestly feel that it is not worth that much. You can honestly get other bags similar to the Goyard for much cheaper and get the same usage.

    If you feel you really really want a Hermes bag and that the herbag price point is the only one in your range, then go with the herbag. Other H bags similar in price range is the Evelyn (which is easy to get in and out of) and garden party...both these have many options in terms of canvas + leather or different types of leather and color.

    I think part of the fun with H is all the different leather types and colors and mix of leather + canvas and with Evelyn bag you kind of have that. :smile:

    Have fun in Paris and good luck with your decision dear!!
  10. I love Hermes but in this instance I would choose the Goyard - easier, less fussy and a true workhorse. If you really want an H, I would look at the garden party or doublesens before I'd look at a herbag. The other option (and it's totally different from the 2 bags you mentioned) is the Evelyne which isn't a tote but a great cross body shoulder bag.
  11. Definitely Goyard! I like the simple, functional, and solid design of the belvedere. The material and construction of the herbag zip doesn't worth the price tag in my opinion. Good luck with your choice, and have a fun trip!
  12. Goyard for sure!
  13. Looks like goyard is winning this thread. Aren't they both canvas?
  14. Goyard is coated canvas and waterproof. Hermes canvases aren't coated.
  15. 'maybe this is my only chance to own Hermes to add on my humble purse collection' is the wrong reason to buy the Herbag UNLESS it is a style you really want. Buy something less expensive from Hermes in Paris as a souvenir even if this is likely to be your only trip to Paris for many years. Save more money to get a style you really want and will enjoy using another time.
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