Help!!! Gotta decide within the next 24 hours!!


Which one should I get? What's your preference??

  1. Elise in Topaz - $1095

  2. Banana Hobo in Topaz - $895

  3. Just wait... don't get a bag just to match your ZC.

  4. Balenciaga Day bag - $995 (Undecided color)

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  1. Hi!!! Please give me any opinions you have on this situation... I have to make a pretty quick decision!! :sweatdrop:

    I am in :heart: with the Resort 2006 color - Topaz!! I have the ZC in Topaz, and have recently decided I can't live w/o a bag in that color any longer....

    Numbers are dwindling in stores, and I have got to make a quick decision. I have a few different styles on hold - and unfornuately, I can't see them all in person (since they are at stores in diff parts of the country). Any thoughts?

    I am looking at either the ELISE or the BANANA HOBO, and the ones I have on hold were literally the last ones in Topaz at these places... I have to live with the decision that I make, and I only *need* 1!!

    I love the look of the Elise, but pretty much 95% of my bags go on my shoulder, and I think I depend on that... The Elise will not go on your shoulder, the Hobo will. The Elise is $1095, Hobo is $895. My other choices are just to wait, and not get anything. Or, I have been looking at a Balenciaga day bag, which is a hobo and $995 - the only consideration there, is that resale value on Bbags seems to be higher (right now), if I decide to trade it in, in the future...

    If you had to choose, which one would you choose?? Any thoughts or comments appreciated!! :yes: Thanks in advance!!
  2. I voted for the BBag. :ninja: I'm obsessed.
  3. I voted for the Elise in Topaz! I think it's the perfect bag that can be dressed up or down. Good luck!!
  4. LOL.... AHHH!! I dunno what to do!! Thanks for the reply MPJ!!

    That's my dilemma... I'm obssessed with Bbags right now, but I don't want to wake up one day and wish I would have gotten a bag in Topaz, but they are no longer available... I have two new bbags on their way to my house right now, and I don't want to go into bbag "overkill". I am in :heart: with the ZC, and I keep telling myself that I need more variety then just bbags... It's a tough decision though!
  5. Thanks Melly, I am trying to get as many opinions as possible, before I have to call the stores and either take them off hold - or buy them!!

    I think the Elise looks a bit classier & could be dressier then the hobo... it is just that shoulder thing that is killing me. Also, I really like the MJ pushlock, since it is kind of his signature thing. The hobo doesn't have anything on there like that (and would probably look funny with it), but I like the diagonal zippers...

    Argh. I want them all!!:push: I have no decision skills, but I promised DH I would limit the number coming in to under the number of ones going out....
  6. Bbag - gorgeous :love:
  7. If you already have 2 BBags coming to you (which ones?!), then get the topaz Elise! It sounds like it's what you really want.

    I want to see these new BBags!!! :heart:
  8. Tough call!

    The MJ item that you've listed are fabulous. I think that you should for for the Hobo in Topaz. Since it's becoming a limited color, and it's apparently something you really, really want, you should go for it and not wait because I've done that only to regret it later. I have a Day hobo, which I really love, but it's a classic Balenciaga style so you can always get it later...unless you also have a specific color in mind. If you don't, definitely get something in Topaz from MJ.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide to do!
  9. Hmmm... very, very true. (See, this is why I need input! ;) ) I don't have a specific color in mind for a day bag... so it is something that I could when I found a color that I just definately needed in a day bag... I was thinking of a red or pink (or marron??), which in that case - I would have to wait for a older one to come up for sell anyways...

    Topaz is becoming a limited color, and I don't want to get it just to have something that matches my ZC - but I love the color of my ZC so much, that I am afraid I WILL regret it if I don't get one while they are available...

    MPJ - I just sold a city in a brighter color, because I wasn't using it. (And it wouldn't have been practical for graduate school, which starts in May.) I have a Sandstone Part-Time & Marine City on their way... I hope they come today or tomorrow!!

    That's the other thing, is that I need bags that will transition from professional graduate school life to a job to my casual life as well... Not asking for much, am I? :p
  10. I voted for the Topaz Elise although the Topaz banana hobo is a very close second. I just think that color is brilliant so you can't go wrong no matter what style you get. Good luck with your decision!
  11. This is a tough call, for sure!

    I also love the B Day bag, it's sooo cute and can hold tons of stuff. It's also really light and airy, and the new Marine color is gorgeous.

    On the other hand, I love Elise! It's a great bag, and one my favorites, but I don't use it as much as I'd like simply because it's not a shoulder bag, and it's a little more dressy than my other MJs. I still love it, but because of the color (white chiffon) I don't use it as much. I think the topaz Elise is gorgeous and it sounds like that's what you really want!

    Although I love the Day, it's a popular Bbag staple (as SuLi said) so I'd say go for the Elise! It's a great bag, and you'll use it a ton!

    Can't wait to hear what your decision is!
  13. Hmm ok since u have 2 bbags coming ur way, don't over kill on the bbags.

    i have to say i really lik ethe elise topaz. it's a non shoulder bag and maybe that will be your variety. i like the banana hobo but some gals said it difficult to get in and out of ....

    voting for the elise topaz!
  14. Hmm, I really like Elise but like you I'm more of a shoulder bag kinda girl so I think maybe a Hobo would be better unless you want something dressier in which the Elise would be GREAT! Good luck!
  15. LOL... Who was the one person that voted for "Just wait... don't buy a bag just to go with your ZC"?

    I need this person to be my personal shopping advisor, please?!?!? :yes:

    I dunno!! I think I am definately swaying towards passing on the day bag for now and possibly going for the banana hobo??... And the other bbag I had on eBay sold.... :sad: (it was the one that I was really hoping that no one would bid on :whistle: , don't tell DH.)

    So I am definately due a bag now! :graucho:

    (Banana hobo is hard to get in & out of??)