HELP=got the luxury bowler but not sure about size

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  1. Sooo, I finally got the luxury bowler I have been waiting for in black metallic (it's just black :smile: ) ...I am rather tall (5'7" ) amd love big bags but now I am not sure if I should have gone with the medium??? The large is...large and hard to fit over the shoulder. But I have to admit that I had to get this one as some really nast old lady at the NYC boutique told me to give her the large one I was trying because "I should get the small as it is cheaper!!!!!!" :censor: ...and the large is pretty much sold out I was a little passive aggressive. Does anyone who is not over 6 feet have the large or any thoughts over large versus medium? I can exchange or return for 14 days.
  2. I HAVE to be able to put a bag on my shoulder. . . what are your needs?
  3. Yes, me too and I can put it on my shoulders but it's tight :P I was wondering if the medium size has longer straps as all pictures of all these celebs have the bag over their shoulder...or maybe they have just really really skinny arms . I wish they would have a site where they show the measurements for these bags...:shame:
  4. Post a pic please
  5. Yes, the medium will fit on your shoulder easier.
  6. I do not have a pic with me carrying the bag as I just got it yesterday...I can only take a pic next to another bag to show the Balenicga (medium) or Fendi Spy bag or Chloe Paddington (yes, I know I have a problem :oh: ) you know the measurements of the medium compared to the large...the chanel website is horrible with giving any info:sad:
  7. any help with the measurements? i am deciding between the medium or large.
  8. Jules = AllInTheBag has/had both the medium and the large. She's tall(ish), I bet she can help.:yes:
  9. Go with the medium. You will be able to fit it over the shoulder. The large is pretty big for an everyday bag.
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