help! got the Amalfi Medium Hobo in Cognac

  1. and I have a question -- is it supposed to have gold Gucci script lettering on both sides by the straps? I bought it from nm, but it seems a little strange. Thanks!
  2. Mine does. I got it at Saks. It's my favorite bag in my whole collection. :tender:
  3. Mine does too. I have the little one :yes: and I :heart: it sooo much!
  4. If you go it at nm then you should be fine. But if you want you can change it maybe.
  5. Yeah it is fine.
  6. Thanks. I absolutely love it, but don't know if I can justify keeping it...Help me justify it!
  7. It's such a lovely bag! the color is perfect and goes with everything. and I just really really l:heart: ve the hardware, it's gorgious!

    but only keep it if you actually love the bag. if you have doubts or if you really need the money ...
  8. I do really love it -- I am just worried about it holding up over time. The leather seems very scratchable. What has been your experience? (with this type of bag, that is!)
  9. I've got my amalfi-hobo a month and a half ago so I didn't had the chance to 'wear' it that much. It's raining a lot too this time of year and I don't want it to get drenched.

    But I do think the leather is more vulnerable, like you said. I'm more carefull with my bag for scratches. But I just love it so much that I don't really make a problem of it. (but that's just me, heh)