Help! Got a "second chance offer" on this bag - Should I take it?

  1. Hey guys,

    I really need some advice:
    I lost this bag on eBay, but the seller mailed me w/ a second-chance offer. It's a Givenchy "pumpkin" bag... I really would prefer an orange one, but they are discontinued, and they normally retail at over $1500 (I think)

    The offer is for $200, plus however much shipping is from Europe to U.S. S
    hould I take it? Does it look like it's in good condition to you?


  2. Oh wow, I would leap at the chance to take it !
  3. Thanks for the reply Ayla!

    I'm so tired from studying, I cannot tell which end is up, or whether this is a good deal... So it looks like it's in good condition to you?
  4. Any more advice, I'd reeeally appreciate it! :smile:

    The offer expires soon...
  5. I say go for it!
  6. Take it!:biggrin:
    It looks good from the pics you've shown, so go for it, i say;)
  7. If it's in good's a steal!
  8. Great bag and good price! Take it!
  9. Grab it fast!
  10. Wow ... I think that's a great deal! Where's greendrv? She has this style of bag. She'd let you know if that's a good deal! I'd take it!!!
  11. I'm no expert, but that bag is so cute!!!
  12. That is such a great bag...take the offer! :smile:
  13. Way Cute!! Go for it!!
  14. FYI..I read that scammers of paypal actually would mail "second chance offers" to the bidders and a lot of bidders would pay..which in turn would be turned over to the that somewhere..just be careful that the second chance offer is for real..but it's cute:smile:
  15. I've gotten several of these fake ones. Make sure you're getting the offer from the person whose auction it actually is.
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