HELP!got a Gucci as a gift can I exchange it for something else @ the Gucci store ???

  1. I got this Gucci wallet as a gift from my cousin it's just too bulky for me and I would like to exchange it for another wallet. The whole thing is she didn't give me a gift receipt or anything and didn't tell me where she got it (which I don't want to ask more because she'll get offended :sad:) but I know for a sure thing that she's really wealthy and only buy real deal and she's totally against FAKES stuff..... so that part I'm sure about but I don't know if she buy this Gucci wallet at Saks (which she does buy almost all of her designer purses at Saks but @ Saks they don't have the style of wallet I like :sad:) or Neiman Marcus or else where can I exchange this wallet through the Gucci boutique store anyway???

    Does anyone have deal with this experience before ?? Pleaseeeee help me out !! I really don't like this wallet at all :sad::sad:

    ****Thank you so much for reading this and sorry for making too long . Thanks in advance everyone!!!:flowers::flowers:

  2. If you've got no receipt you can't do an exchange at the boutique. And if you do have a receipt and it was on sale, you can't exchange as well.