Help! Gold/Silver Bowler --- Discoloring Problem

  1. Anybody who owns the luxury silver bowler, please help. My silver bowler has problems with the silver rubbing off, leaving the bag discolored and appeared botchy in tone -- here darker, there lighter. Has this happen to yours? Is this a defect or natural? I read other posts talking about the gold bowler being defective and Chanel was taking them back, so the silver is defective too?
  2. Yes. I had a silver metallic bowler that I bought last May and used it gently on and off for a few months. I noticed that the silver rubbed off on the handles and all 4 bottom corners. I took the bag to my local boutique to see if they could send it in for repair and they said it couldn't be repaired. I didn't have my receipt w/me an the bag was a charge send from the NY boutique. She looked it up in the system and gave me a full refund on the bag even though it was 10 months old. The manager confirmed that there was a defect w/many silver and gold luxe bowlers. Take it back to your boutique and get a refund.
  3. You should definitely be able to bring it back! I just randomly found the receipt from last October for my metallic gold bowler, and brought it back to Bloomingdales (though the manager gave me total attitude even with the receipt - but that's a whole other story). I was so sad to let it go, but the rubbing was too obvious, making the $2K+ bag look cheap. :crybaby: I recently found the dark silver bowler (my SA thought it was the bronze and sent it to me - I guess there are no more bronze bowlers).., but I love the dark silver and am keeping it! :smile: The bronze, and dark silver bowlers don't have the rubbing problems for sure, but the gold, and I guess silver do. :sad: Good luck with your return, you shouldn't have any problems, as it was a material defect with the bowler itself and they have to honor your return. :yes:
  4. Geezie Peezie, this should NOT be happening, CHANEL! As much as I love the metalic bags, this is why I will NOT buy one. So glad you were able to get your money back.
  5. go get your money back.
  6. Chanel corrected the probblem on the Cruise 07 bowlers which are fine. My dark silver is in perfect condition.
  7. ^Sorry I should have added that you should definitely return yours if yours is rubbing off. I am sure Chanel will return or exchange it for you.
  8. definitely return yours, like many have said, there was a defect with this batch of metallic bowlers!