Help! Going to see a car on monday, that I REALLY want, it'll be my first >>

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  1. It's only £995 ONO, so how much do you reckon he's really looking for? I can't believe my insurance is going to cost more than my car :crybaby:Oh and what do I look out for? thanx :smile:
    Lol :smile:
  2. Hi

    maybe you should give more details? Make and model and year and mileage, etc?

    Maybe some people here with car knowledge would be able to offer some opinions with a bit more info, kwim?

    I myself am useless with cars, know what brand I drive, that's about it:confused1:

    Good luck to you! Hope it works out :yes:
  3. Here's the specs :smile: I had to copy and paste because its java.

    It's a 1.2 Renault Clio

    • MANUAL
    • RED
    • PETROL
    • Hatchback
    • P reg

    Full Description:

    Glossary of Terms
    P reg. 3 door hatchback, genuine 69,000 miles, FSH, 1 years Mot, 7 months taxed, F/F/sunroof, 5 speed manual, rear belts, face off stereo, same owner last 7 years, 2 owners, ideal 1st car, cheap insurance, 1st to see will buy, immaculate, HPi report available. £995. ono
  4. my car cost about that and it was a peugeot of the same reg. depends on your age and if you have a garage but iv had a car nearly 3 years now (just got a new corsa) and my insurance is £800. im a student though so thats why its so high. hope you find a great car. my first car was my baby and it got so beat up when i was learning to drive.
    sorry i dont really know much about cars.