HELP! Going to NYC Next Week..

  1. I will be visiting NYC for the 1st time ever next week. Obviously I will be there to shop til I drop.

    So American ladies... help me, what brand bag should I look out for? Buy? Whats hot right now, or whats so gorgeous you have seen lately.

    I would prefer brands that cannot be bought easily in the UK nor would be cheaper in Europe... so no European brands pls!

    Thanks All!

    Oooh New Yorkers - pls pls let me know which shops stocks the most amazing bags and shoes! I like a good bargain as well as expensive!
  2. Im in the UK but have been to NYC loads....Marc Jacobs is loads cheaper in the US if you like his bags
  3. missbradshaw... ooh yes I like Marc Jacobs.

    Are his bags much cheaper in normal dept stores and boutiques? Or only in discount stores?

    Thanks for the tip!
  4. i just got back from nyc last week! i would say stay away from european brands as they seem to be more expensive there. Saw a dress at armani which was abt US$100 more than in the uk. However, i did manage to get the hermes twilly scarf rings at jfk airport for only $75! Bargain! so check the prices in the uk if you know what you want to buy.

    Coach is huge there and not so popular in the UK.
    DKNY, Ralph Lauren and CK is much cheaper in the US as well... i'm referring to clothes here though.. not sure abt the bags as my fav brands for bags are still mainly european!
    oh, Century 21 is famous for their designer bargains. I haven't been there myself but i heard that it is good!

    Have fun in nyc! i can't wait to go back! love love love nyc!
  5. lol i love european based brands the best, but as for american i would opt for coach accessories and any of the marc jacobs bags. the great thing about new york is that they have so many up and coming designers all ripe for the picking there. therefor i would reccommend stores like VERVE. go window shopping at all the little boutiques, thats the most fun in my opinion. hope you have a great time!
  6. I read about this store: Roberto Vascon
    He makes handbags - check out his site and you will find his address there - don't know if it's good or not but would love to hear of anybody else who has tried him.
  7. Soph- where are you staying? I'm probably going to NY this weekend- not 100% sure yet. I haven't booked a hotel yet.
  8. There are so many stores in NYC I don't even know where to begin. Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's and Bloomingdales all carry high end designer bags but they don't have great sales all the time. Century 21 in downtown Manhattan has occasionally good deals on bags but also on clothes and shoes too. Macy's in Herald Square has Coach, Louis Vuitton and other handbag vendors on the maind floor. But you should definitely go to independent boutiques and stores since the experience is alot different. Since you are from the UK, I think you can get an international discount? I'm not sure because my boyfriend's boss from London bought a Coach bag for his wife and got an international discount of some sort. You should plan your days to pass by certain stores =) that's what I do on my shopping days! Hope this helps! Also do you know any great shopping areas in London because I am going there soon. Thanks!
  9. I have a reservation at the Travel Inn Manhattan near Times Square, the prices seem quite cheap for NYC. But if there are better deals nearer the time I may cancel and book elsewhere.

    I like buying unusual but quality bags, especially one offs, or ones not everyone can buy/has. I will def check ou the boutiques!

    I read that I can get visitor discounts of around 10% from Bloomingdales and Macy's.

    I am not really into mainstream designers like CK or, DKNY, as their bags I feel are so and so - well the ones I have seen in the UK anyway. Never bought a Coach bag before, I see the monogrammed ones around quite often, but im more a leather gal.

    Only a week or so to go! I cant wait. I love bags... and my other obsession is shoes! hehehe!
  10. I don't know if you've got them over there but I LOVE my Hayden-Harnett bags. I might pass you on the way over since I'm going to London next week! If you can find a copy the book Where to Wear NY will give you tons of info on shopping. I have the London version and am ready to go!
  11. Also see if you can hit the outlets, you can find tons of bags and stuff unused, and some undamaged for great prices as well.