Help!!! Going to LV today...Which bag to get?!

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  1. I'm most likely going to LV today for the first time in a few months. I'm picking out part of my Christmas Gift! Anyway, I've been eyeing a few bags, but I haven't checked them out in person yet. I was wondring if any of these are anyones favorite, and why. Basically I'm torn right now. All I know is that I like shoulder bags, and if it were up to me, I'd bring all of these home! Also, if anyone has any suggestions for any non mono bag under $1000, let me know! I'm trying to stay away from mono this year, although I say that every year and wind up with a mono bag.
    These are the bags I'm considering:

    Saleya PM in either Damier or Damier Azur

    Illovo MM

    Eliza in White MC

    Petit Noe in Black Epi

    Parioli (Kind iffy on this, I have a BV and I feel like the bag is the same structure)

    Musette Tango long shoulder strap

    ((Bags I already have, Mono: Speedy 25, Mini Looping, Mini Speedy HL, Batignolles Vertical, Recital, Epi: Red Pochette))

    Sorry this is so long...but I need opinions! :yes:
  2. Petit Noe in Black Epi
  3. Out of the ones you listed, I think I like the Seleya PM the's such a classic clean shape, you can't go wrong with it. Good luck!! Make sure you post pics!! :smile:
  4. saleya in azur!
  5. Petit Noe..........this is such a beautiful shape!
  6. I vote for Saleya PM in either Damier or Damier Azur

    You don't have any bags from these lines yet..
  7. not on your list but what about a soufflot in black?
  8. saleya pm in azur! i really like this bag.
  9. oops, just realised soufflot is just over a grand, but its a lovely shoulder bag!
  10. I like the Saleya PM in Damier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. i vote saleya as well, but i really am starting to like the petit noe! so either of those.
  12. petit noe in black epi
  13. Saleya!! Either damier or damier azur would be nice!!
  14. Saleya in regular damier.
  15. Damier Saleya PM!!!