Help! Going to court over fake bag! Need advice!

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    Let us know how you do & would do some sleuthing on her "background"

    as well.. and would go the civil route as suggested above
  2. You're lucky you got the PD to file charges! In most big cities the police would laugh at you for something like this. Good luck!
  3. To the original poster: Where/which was the venue that this trade had originally taken place i.e. from Craigslist or some other online site originally but then all traded in person? Did anyone go with you? Also, was it an all-trade deal or did some cash exchange hands? Did the individual you dealt with present any proof of authenticity when trading and do you have any of the original photos of the bag that she traded with you somewhere or is it still accessible online somewhere for us to view? Just wondering...but hope all goes smoothly for you.
  4. I live I'm California and she's in Fullerton and I irvine we were going to see if the judge orders restitution and if not take her to small claims court I just want my things back but we know she's sold them and given them away so I want restitution! And thanks for the advice I appreciate it :smile:!!
  5. If she is found guilty and ordered to pay restitution can I take her to small claims court as well? :O
  6. Uhm well I have lots of other Louis and there was a big warning sign the zipper was broken! but I didn't think that was a big deal until after the trade my dad said are you sure that's real? Your saint jacques and papillon (yes me dad knows the names of my bags now LOL :biggrin:!) are way older and the zipper on those is fine. So I got nervous and took a better look and started comparing the bag to ones on eBay and payed for an authenticator and had it done here. The next day we called the police and since it was such a large amount of money ($1700) and I had saved ALL my evidence they decided to hear me
    Our and this was in like January i think so
    It's been a while. Maybe a month or two ago I got the call from the DA saying their filing theft
    I did it because I have a lot of info still and saved everything and had a really great investigator! I am so thankful for him he's done a great job and never quit with the case! If there is evidence of a scam I think they might take you up?
  7. Yeah my family thought that too but it was a lot
    Of money and we have the evidence against her! Out investigator was great too we think she's done this to more than one person!

  8. -CRAIGSLIST UGH hahaha
    -And my mom and boyfriend were there my dad was too but he didn't want to write a statement but my mom and boyfriend did.
    - the was $80 In cash traded as well
    - yes I have the original photos sent she said she had a dust bag but she said she wanted to keep it and she said she had a care booklet as well because it's a "collectors". :p
    - and I still have the bag in my possession to! It taunts me :sad: LOL
  9. :amazed: Sorry, not to make light of your situation, but your scamming seller must have thought she hit the motherload! :presents

    Since she kept her dust bag, I do wonder if that dust bag was the only thing that was "real"...seems many scammers love to buy/keep real dust bags so as to lull buyers into a false sense of security that their purses are real. :nono:

    Oh man, what was the $80 for? Was that her gas money? :shocked:

    Curious though, why is she now being charged with petty theft? She charged you $1700 for the bag, if I recall correctly, and with the tacked on $80, the total is $1780...wouldn't she qualify for grand theft? :wondering

  10. I know right! LOL she must have been like STEAKS FOR EVERYONE TONIGHT hahahahaha
    no I gave her cash and I transferred her $10 for gas over PayPal but she showed up in a corolla
    and I was sorta pissed.. and she didn't LOOK like the person who could afford a Louis.. she dressed like a 16 year old and I'm an 18 year old
    So that's still pretty bad :/ AND I KNOW the DA said grand theft! But when we went to the arraignment the judge Said petty theft I was PISSED and she asked for a public attorney! What's he/she going to do I have evidence that she lied!
  11. Hi Jp23, (Guess first thing this morning we're posting on TPF, huh? :smile: I'm in AZ and decided to log in, came across your thread and just HAD to post).
    BTW--thanks for posting/replying back so promptly. Goodness(!)--sounds like such an ordeal for you and your family having to go thru with this--hang in there, for I always believe (want to believe at least) that the good guys always end up on the winning side somehow (and scammers rot forever [!] after all is said and done).
    Craigslist, huh...? I know right--the brazen way some individuals blatantly advertise their fakes as authentic makes me wanna report them asap and I have--and then warn other community members.
    *Before I forget*--where was the venue that the trade took place and were there any cameras/video surveilance? Did the investigator track her down using her phone number to find out who she really is?
    So glad for you that you have some excellent people around you helping you out. Stay strong and pray for a good outcome. Sending you good vibes~~~and we're all pulling for you. :smile:
  12. AWWW thank you so much that means a lot! So many people were like jessica it's a purse chill out LOL and no it was outside the street of my house no cameras but my investigator DID
    Catch her getting gas at a local gas station on tape! We called her millions of times and he said she never answered the police officer tried to
    Call her to she answered and said she did know who we were asking for.. I don't know how the investigator got a hold of her but I guess he did a long time later. He told me things were looking good she Gave him 5 different stories
    Of how she obtained the bag
    My investigator said :
    "I received all the statements and compared them to my investigation and R****’s statements. It appears R***** provided four different stories of how she came into possession of the fake Louis Vuitton purse: bought at Neiman Marcus, bought at Neiman Marcus with ex-boyfriend's help, bought at Louis Vuitton store and given to her by her ex-boyfriend from Europe. She also said she bought it for $1500 and claimed to me during the interview she gave her ex-boyfriend $400 as to help pay for it when he went to Europe."
  13. You could also probably get the money back you had to pay the authenticator from her too.
  14. Gosh--just read where you mentioned you're 18--I'm old enough to be your mom--ha! Actually, I am a Mom.
    Anyways kiddo (and I say that in the nicest way)--I'll keep reading your thread whenever possible and if there's any helpful info, questions or comments--I'll be posting.

    A friend of mine used to be the assistant DA in our county and let me see if I can find/get any info for you pertaining to your situation eventhough you're in CA. Of course all counties are somewhat different in how things are done but there are certain things that are uniformly the same.

    You're holding yourself up very well which is very important. Also--just take some added safety pre-cautions. Nothing to alarm or anything but if this person makes any kinda contact with you or anyone representing her (since its all local)--let the investigator/police know every single time because you are currently deemed her 'alleged victim'. Do you know if she's currently allowed per Law to contact you (since this trade has now became a court case)? Sure she's not guilty yet but you are still her 'victim' for what she did to you in that original trade. There's also always an Order of Protection/Injunction against Harassment but only if there's a real need for it, and make sure you and your family discuss these things together.
    Request for the Victim's advocate/rep from your DA's office to be in contact with you (if that option is available) and keep you up to date with what's going on with that person i.e. plea deals, etc. Any and all info from them would be helpful to have to help protect you and your family (Rights) since your family members also wrote statements. You don't really know that person you traded with so just be vigilant of your safety. Not just because of this trade but just at all times.
    (Sorry I know this is all like a lot to digest but after reading all our posts--take a deep breath, go on with you normal life and come back here and let us know whenever possible how's it going). Looks like the Ladies here on TPF and so many even who have responded to your thread are SUPER SMART Gals. :smile:
  15. I think that would then be double jeopardy, so the answer is no.