Help! Going shopping for tokidoki in seattle

  1. Hello there everyone,

    I'm going to be heading to Seattle on the 21st and I'm buying my first tokidoki bag:yahoo:. I was wondering if there were any places in the downtown seattle, where i can possibly get a good deal. I don't mind paying full price, but my bank account will be very unhappy :sweatdrop:.

  2. :yahoo:i love jrock.

    sorry that was off topic >.<;
  3. You should check downtown Macy's and Nordstrom...i know the Macy's still has spiaggia, adios star, pirata, a few amore. I haven't seen any sales recently though, but you might be able to use a Macy's coupon there if you get one! good luck and have fun! seattle's weather has been great recently.
  4. Thanks bedhead63, i'm actually from Vancouver, I'm just going to Seattle to buy tokidoki. You ust saved me alot of time by telling me where to go. you rock!:tup:

    xkaokaox: i love jrock too yay! :dothewave:
  5. On your way down you can hit the LeSportsac outlet. :smile: It's at the Seattle Premium Outlets right off of I-5 around exit 200.
  6. awesome, thanks megami
  7. OH yeah, definitely check out the outlet :smile:
  8. would it be cheaper at the outlet or at the other stores?
  9. Definitely cheaper at the outlet (24% off) and probably a bigger selection, but older prints.
  10. thank you so much, i was about to call all over the place to check on prices. do you know if the outlet sells the denaro and the gioco, cuz i've been sufuring the web and i want those two. I hope they have either the adios star print, or the priata print, or the spiaggia print.
  11. I haven't been there in a while (I used to go nearly every week!), but I think they have Adios Star. Pirata's due out soon (the 13th I think?) and no sign of Spiaggia yet (it'll probably be a couple more months).

    On your way down to Seattle, you could also swing by the Nordstrom in Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood (right where I-5 and I-405 meet). They have Famiglia. :smile:
  12. Sweet, awesome. Thank you so much.