HELP!!! Going out bag "swingpack"???!

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  1. Hey ya'll! I am about to go to college and I decided that when I go out and about for the night I need to have a fun, smaller, practical bag to basically get drunk with. I am male, tan skin, and usually wear True Religion jeans and a deep V neck American Apparel T with either Coach flip flops or pretty casual with either the LAMB SADDLE DEVON TOTE or LOUIS VUITTON NEVERFULL GM.
    As you can tell, I love big bags but I need something across the body that is around the size of a COACH SWINGPACK. Below is what I am contemplating (please tell me what you like the best & why)...

    1. Around $100 or so...
    2. Basic signature "match everything" print

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  2. I like the look of the second one, Not keen on the logo style of the first
  3. Personally I like the Prada swingpacks for guys. You could probably get a similiar look with a black Coach one since Prada obviously runs to more than $100!
  4. do you think a Prada would match anything, though?
  5. Its black, it matches everything! You might want to try and find something by Diesel, sounds like that would go with your look and not too expensive.
  6. Roots makes a great flat bag...

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    Well, you know I love LAMB!

    But I just picked up this Fossil bag for Disneyland trips (we have passes and go often) --- it holds more than the Coach or LAMB swingpacks, and comes in a bunch of colors. This is the chocolate, but they also had black, olive green, red, yellow/camel, It was $98 at Macy's (but I used a 20% off coupon!).
    this one is cool too:

    Fossil also this this one that's the same shape as the Coach, but without the logos.

    ETA: WOW - the one I got looks just like that "Roots" bag!
  8. ^^I ordered a Fossil swingpack from Zappos and it was HUGE...much larger than I thought it would be (like 9x12). If it's just for a night out it would be way too big.

    Franco Sarto makes a cute cross-body bag for $59:


    eta: wow...the Sarto and the Root look almost identical! Copycats!
  9. I'm going to vote LAMB soley based on the fact that I am not a fan of the Coach signature stuff and that I'm on a LAMB binge right now.

    I have the leopard Alston and it's a great print. I don't think you'd regret it.

    I also like the suggestions of a prada and jack spade vertical.
  10. I guess I'll go with the LAMB even though I'm not CRAZY about it...
    I just need a sig. print because it's more practical. I wear a lot of diff colors that COULD clash with black!

    unless I find a Coach on sale...?
  11. Coach is having a private sale on Friday. 25% off any full price items but you need an invitation. Maybe someone you know has one?
    Or there's always the outlets, they always have swingpacks. And eBay of course...
  12. I found my swingpack on ebay for about $55
  13. Huh, other than dark brown, I honestly can't think of any color that I would wear that wouldn't go with black. :shrugs: They may look better w/ brown, but they'll still go w/ black.