Help! Global Compagnon Search

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am desperately after a grey compagnon and am having trouble tracking one down. I've tried Van Ravenstein, Cult Status, Bal Paris and Aloha Rag.

    Has anyone seen one instore recently? I need to be able to buy from a store that will send to me here in Holland. Please, I'm busting for this compagnon :love: .

  2. gosh, i donno Cal-girl, did you calling Barney's or the nyc store yet (?)
  3. Thanks aaallabama, I'm searching within europe at the mo (before I go further afield) so I can avoid customs (but would love any eyewitness reports)! I've got an eye on l-b's but am preferably after the grey colour. My local store has the lilac, pink and ink in stock.
  4. gotcha, girl, best of luck with your european compagnon hunt :smile:
  5. Oooo, hunt may be over. I've found one at Ruketen (Japan) and it's on sale. My SIL lives there so have emailed her and hopefully she can take care of it for me.
  6. Oh how exciting! Good luck, Cal! Hope you get that baby! And did you say sale?? Lol! Dare I ask?
  7. How incredibly lucky!!! Glad to hear that!;)
  8. hip, hip, hooray for le compagnon, maybe we should start a club :P
  9. Hooray - hope it works out for you and is a good deal, too! I was just going to post that I checked Harvey Nicks for you but did not see grey. They had a lot of ink compagnons, and a couple of lilac and pale rose mini-compagnons.
  10. Thanks Stars - were the sales at HN good?
  11. 30% off a bunch of b-bags. I got a lilac coin purse to ease the illness caused by seeing the lilac first I paid 594 GBP for a month ago on sale for 462 GBP.....
  12. Ouch!
  13. My thoughts exactly!