Help! Givenchy Messenger OR Chanel Cambon?

  1. Trying to decide which of these two bags suits me best as I need a black bag - I have been searching for this messenger since I saw it on Liv Tyler a while back. The one I can get differs slightly from hers (mine is pure black vs. dark moss and my hardware is shiny gold vs. tarnished) but will be for a great low price. The Chanel on the other hand, I love the look of it but not sure if it's me. I attached a pic of my bags so you guys can see my taste (the pink Chanel was sold since my sis didn't want it - I liked the style but not the color for me).

    Another thing is IF I bought the messenger I'd be able to put some $ towards bills which I really *should* be doing :rolleyes:

    Thanks so much!



    My bags:
  2. I vote for the messenger.
  3. I'd say messenger also.
  4. messenger! post pics! where are you buying from?
  5. Chanel
  6. Chanel!
  7. Jill I knew you were going to say that lol! I still don't know...I like both of them but of course can't afford both. There's a big price diff between the two, about $500 more for the Chanel...
  8. Givenchy Messenger!!!! :smile:

  9. The messenger ! Looks more versatile to me. The white details on the Chanel .... I do not know .... they sort of take away the idea of a very classic and strict all-purpose "black bag". And nothing wrong with both getting a very nice bag and also be able to pay some bills. A win-win situation.
  10. i'm going to say messenger just because you've mentioned that you've been searching for it for awhile! BUT i do love the chanel because i just got this bag this week and its beautiful! geez, im no help! sorry! hehehe!
  11. Thanks girls - well it looks as if my friend has changed her mind lol. Maybe I can convince her but not sure if I can hold the funds and not buy the Chanel!

    HelenZ you have the same bag I'm looking to get! What do you think of it? I'd love your thoughts.
  12. I vote for hte Chanel!!! Love it!
  13. Chanel! It's worth the extra money.
  14. The messenger - it looks so cool on Liv :biggrin:
  15. i love the chanel! i want to get the same one, but i think i might have too much black/white combo going on.
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