Help give me the Boot!

  1. OK, I am officially fashion-challenged but feel the need for a fabulous boot for Fall/Winter.

    Requirements: Leather - prefer black, although Chocolate is intriguing me too. A nice heel, probably 2 to 3 inches. Can be either calf or just below the knee in length. Don't want anything too funky, well maybe just a little bit of funk. Will most probably be wearing with jeans and pants. Budget is max $500.

    Thanking you all in advance! I'm coming to the US early September so can have a look first-hand at all the gems you find for me! Otherwise, Euro-ladies, I can start looking here straight away!

    Mwuh, mwuh!:heart:
  2. Hey Cal! Just a suggestion, but maybe if one of the mods moved this into the shoe section it would get more replies:flowers: Good luck finding a pair!:smile:
  3. Question: Do you want a stacked heel, or more of a stiletto-type heel?
  4. Check out Stuart Weitzman boots at They have some really nice styles in your price range, and this designer's shoes are widely available in upscale US department stores. I bought a pair of his ankle boots last year and wore them constantly until the warmer weather hit.
  5. D & G - thanks for the link, I quite like these:

    Redrose, thanks, I asked Megs to move it about 10 seconds after posting it in My Wardrobe (had 2 glasses of wine)

    ET - I think a stacked heel. There are quite a lot of cobblestones here and I've already got stuck once

    Pseub, will check Zappos.

    Thanks ladies, any suggestions you have are appreciated.