Help! Give me advice??

  1. Okay...I order a Cotton Club tote in silver color
    but I heard lots of rumor about price increase on GST..
    Should I get the Cotton Club or the GST?
    But the silver color is the seasonal color...I'm afraid if I miss this chance I will be hard to locate one in the future....Please give me advice...Which one should I get?
  2. gst...timeless classic....
  3. I like the cotton club the best out of the two.Depends if you like a trendier fun bag or a more conservative one
  4. I agree with Jill. I like the cotton club better out of the two. The leather is so gorgeous. And you can get the GST anytime. Get the one you like better. Don't get the GST only because of the price increase. Because, like you said, what if you can't find another CC tote in silver? You'll always be able to get a GST, even if it might be more expensive in the future.

    Or...get both. :graucho:
  5. I'd go for the cotton club, unless you really like the GST. I wouldn't get it just because it's a classic.
  6. Thx...I guess I will get the cotton club in silver...I realli love the new design...its sooooooooooo pretty and I want it more than the GST....
    And, the sales told me that they only have GST in caramel color...which I dont like it at all...
    So I guess I will wait for the GST in silver HW...
  7. sorry...newbie here. how much for a cotton club tote? is there only one size?
  8. medium is $1595, but hard to find for some reason..:shrugs:

    large is $1995.

    OT: i prefer cotton club:yes:
  9. i prefer the cottom club :yes:
  10. I will vote for the GST.
  11. Cotton Club, casual elegance!
  12. I second this :yes: