Help!! Girls with Cloud Collection(Nimbus, Stratus, Cirrus)!!

  1. Could you please post pics of bags and modeling pics?
    I would really appreciate your comments or opinions of your bags, too. I was going to buy a Patchwork Posty, but my SA's telling me to buy Cloud Line bag instead....

    It'll really help to see pics!! Thank you so much in advance!!:p :p
  2. wintotty I'm thinking about a cloud bag too now.

    I went in to look at the Fersen but now I'm thinking about the cloud....but they are pricey:sweatdrop:

    I like the Status GM and the Cirrus:heart:
  3. I have posted this before but here is my nimbus. I LOVE IT! I could try to take better pictures. These aren't really the best! LOL
  4. Yeah, but it's not much more than the Fersten!!
  5. Thank you!!! Please post more pics!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  6. Stratus GM and Cirrus are both around $3000, right?

    You didn't like the Fersen:crybaby: ? Oh well, there's always another fab bags!

  7. True. :idea:

    The SA thought that the Olympe bags would be more timeless over the Fersen. And I think its a good point.

    Since you have this bag SYNTAGMA what do you think about color transfer onto the light lamskoin. Like from jeans or other dark clothing?

    That is my worry about this line:sweatdrop:
  8. I dont worry about color transfer with my nimbus at all...Its not like a flat soft s quilted so it wouyld be hard to mess it up
  9. :yes: Agreed! I wore mine with dark jeans today and no problems!

    Here are a few more pictures. I am a lame picture taker! I think Jill is better! LOL
    Nimbus.JPG Nimbusleather.JPG Nimbusplaque.JPG
  10. Totally OT: I just had my bathroom faux painted and the more I look at the pictures the more I like it! LOL

  11. Cirrus is a little less
  12. Cute pics Syntagma!
  13. ^Syntagma, thank you for taking more pics!! It looks cute!!!! Is shoulder strap getting thinner than when you first got it? Shoulder strap is the only thing I don't really care for about this's really thick and puffy.... My SA said it'll get thinner with use and won't be so noticeble after I put my stuff in the bag.
  14. Are you thinking of the stratus GM for your choice?:graucho:
    I love the stratus PM and am impatiently waiting for LV here to catch up and FINALLY get some in.:cursing:
    Hope you get your bag soon.:nuts: