Help Girls! help me pick my christmas present!! please!!!

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  1. hi girls!!!

    so.. last night.. Dearest Husband told me that he would like to go to Balenciaga NY to pick out a bag for christmas! He totally excepts that I have an addiction, and actually admits that he likes going in the store, because all the sales people are so very nice to him!! wonder why..

    anyway, i will get the the point... he had one condition... He wants to pick the color..... I get to pick the style...

    okay i can deal with that.. he has fantastic taste.. and knows a think about leather and dyes and textures....

    so he askes... do you know the colors? "well i have this handy chart!"

    He picks natural...... nice!!.. he says my collection is too dark... blacks, ink... and he thinks a natural is so versital and sophisticated and will go with everything and patina beautifully. i agree..

    noww...... what style???? i tend to like bigger bags.. weekenders, works, but i carry a city as my everyday bag... first too small for me,

    do you guys like the brief????
    and the staff at BAL likes the natural with the giant hardware...

    i need advice!!!

  2. the brief!!!
  3. ^^^ in the regular hardware??? or giant?? i think the brief might be really fantastic and different!!! i have a calcaire city, so this maybe a good choice!!
  4. brief regular hardware
  5. City regular hardware. :yes:
  6. Why don't you go there and see it? You can check out all the new bags and decide from there!
  7. After seeing Mid-Afternoon in Griege, I think it will look amazing in Natural.

    But that's probably not helping!
  8. ^^ ditto :tender:
  9. Well, knowing the color you want I think its a matter of going in there and finding which style speaks to you. It may be completely different from what you would think you would like! (So jealous of being able to get to BalNY!!)
  10. The natural is the only color that I think might look nice with the giant it's up to you.. you could do either! But make sure the brief is nice and slouchy like the earliest pic!!!!
  11. ^^i will.. definitely check it out.. i was leaning towards a city with regular , natural, but thought maybe the brief would be a nice change,, but i do have to try it on. hopefully i can go tomorrow and peak around!!!

    but you guys seem not to like the giant hardware, me too.. a bit too flashy for me.. but i want to see it anyway!
  12. and i think i agree.. the giant hardware may look its best on the natural, and on a bigger bag like the brief, where its not too overpowering

    thanks girls for your thoughts!!! will keep you posted!!!
  13. I went to Holts in Toronto to check out the Bal bags and I think you should stick with the regular hardware. The giant hardware is overwhelming and personally I could see myself getting sick of it fast. But it's all about your own style and taste, and even though I'm not a fan of the new hardware, I can see it working well on the right person. Good luck! And post pics after Christmas!
  14. ^^thanks.. i agree. on the right person its probably nice. for some reason it reminds me of the MJ stam,, all that gold chunky stuff.. not my style. i fell in love with the bbags orignally because they were so understated, rocker chic, edgy not flashy...
    but still want to see it... in person. will post pics!!
  15. yeah I agree...i like that bal is trying to do something different...but the gold is TOO gold....I wish they at least did tarnished gold...that said it might be nicer in person so I cant wait to see pics if someone gets one! toni I wish I could go to the store like you can!!