Help girls, Got the studded now i think i should get carly ? !!


Nov 20, 2007
Hey Ladies! Im new to this site, It is so helpful though thank you god i found it! My names Krystal... I'm 5'4 110 lbs ...... Ive had so much trouble with coach purses!

heres my story...please give me advice haha

Im a new coach customer, I bought a chelsea optic satchel in black, It was so cute but the when i got home and wore it around the house i really didnt like the way it felt on my shouler, the strapes were way too short and bulky, So a month later I returned it (TODAY) The lady actually let me exchange it, thank god! So today I got the black studded gallary tote, I loved it in the store, I got it in black and just fell in love, But i didnt realize how SMALL it was!!! I love BIG BAGS and the strapes still seems a little short!! I am having horriable luck...

So i took the tags off but the receipt says i bought it today, do you think they will let me exchange it, yes again! ha i feel so embaressed..but its so expensive i just want to LOVE IT and i dont LOVE IT! LOL .

So should i keep the Studded tote, Will the strapes get more comfortable? But another thing i dont like is the zipper, whats up with the zipper!!!! I hate how it zips and then comes undone, not to mention the holes on the side, Im retarded and didnt notice these things! I just loved the look of it..

so what to do keep it...or exchange it?! Should i get the carly? Medium? I want black but you cant even tell its a coach bag, maybe beige with black? will that match black? what to do! help girls! im a lost soul..

plus im 8 months pregnant and very undeicded on EVERYTHING my boyfriend thinks im crazy haha i am so unsatisfied! :sad:


Aug 6, 2006
Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy! I think the studded Gallery tote is stunning, I have the tote in chocolate (regular not studded) and find it very comfortable, I'm the same height as you, but alot of people here love the med Carly too. I actually don't mind the zipper, I got used to it :smile: Maybe you can go to Coach and put all your things into the Carly and walk around for a bit, see how it feels? Good luck and let us know what you choose.


Smiling :)
Aug 2, 2006
first off, welcome! :tup:
As far as your bags, yes, you can still return/exchange it if you have your receipt and haven't used it.. no problem :tup: Don't be embarassed, it's a lot of money and you should love it! The carly is a great bag, but not for everyone.. I would suggest going into the store when you have time, and trying different bags on and playing with them, putting your things in, noticing how light, confortable, etc they are, and then you can make the best decision for you. And if you want the c's to show, I think the khaki/black is a great choice! :yes:


Apr 11, 2007
did the zipper get easier after a while?! im not use to it? i hate zippering it back up lol
I don't have the studded tote but I have a tote that is similar with the same zipper and I had to get used to it too. After a while I wouldn't zip it unless it really needed it. I kinda like it open because you can get into it easy.