HELP! Gilt Groupe Return Question

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  1. I need to return a dress I just bought from Gilt Groupe. I accidently snapped the plastic stem that holds the sales tag when taking off the dress...has anyone ever had any problem returning something w/o the tag to Gilt? It was a complete accident, but I feel so stupid!
  2. Honestly, I would give them a call and let them know what happened....I have found them to be quite easy/reasonable to work with...good luck.
  3. Thanks, I was thinking that, but I'm worried they may not let me return it at all...what really makes me feel dumb is that the dress looks hideous on me...I mean, what I was thinking buying a puffy sleeve creation, I just don't know...I would appreciate any real life experiences people have in this situation!
  4. I thought all of their things except shoes were final sale...maybe I'm misinformed!:nuts:
  5. No, a lot is NOT final sale. Of course, things like intimates, swimwear, etc are. There is a full list on the website.

    The dress I bought is eligible for return, but not sure if they will allow it if the tag is not attached....I'm usually so careful, but somehow the tag just popped off!!
  6. i'd just send it back, include the tag in with the return slip, and it'll be fine.