Help, GH work on a tall slim gal??

  1. Would a GH work look silly on a tall thin girl? I am 5'9, small-medium frame, wear about a size 4. I am busty but have small-medium hips, would a GH work overwhelm me and look silly? Anyone have pics they can share?
  2. *cough* Me too! :p Okay but seriously... of course it could work! I have never seen the Work size overwhelm anyone and the GH is just a matter of taste. Not sure how tall Karenab is but that bag is amazing on her. I can't recall seeing too many people modeling theirs but I feel that's a bag that can be worn by anyone, as long as you like the GH.
  3. Not at all!!!! I am 5'7 and a size 4 too and definitely busty but small boned and I have an Anthra GGH Work that looks fabulous! I think it really only overwhelms if the person is kind of short, no offense to anyone! Thats just my opinion! That's me in my avatar, though I don't have a pic of me and the bag. I feel very comfortable with the GGH Work and prefer it daily over the smaller City size.
  4. Oh my god I hate y'all. 5'9 and size 4? I think you have nothing to worry about!!!! You'd look good carrying a paper bag!!! ;)
  5. OMG, I totally cracked up when I read that, Glim! :p

    Well, I *wish* I was 5'9" with a body like yours but being a 5'2" flat-chested midget with a small frame, I own a Brief with GH (a very large bag) and also a couple Works with RH....I've never thought that either looks overwhelming on me. So you would totally rock a GH Work!!!! Go for it!!!
  6. ^lol! I think it would look great on you!
  7. I'm 5'7 and ahundred something - too many lbs than I want to be - here is the work on me;)

    I love that it completely can hide my middle!
    IMG_0474_1.jpg IMG_0498.jpg IMG_0472.jpg
  8. Hello, how much do I envy you your body right now?! :yes: Haha, all joking aside, I think the GH work would look wonderful on your body type. You really can't go wrong with balenciaga, IMO. I think all the bags just look great on everybody!
  9. So I may just get the work then! It sounds like everyone else really loves theirs and those pics looked great! I appreciate all the body compliments. I always wished I was 5'6, so that I could wear super high hells. My hubby is 6'3, but I still feel too man-like if I wear higher than 3" heels. As far as weight I constantly struggle to keep weight ON, I can get Angelina Jolie (how she looks now) skinny way too easy. Sounds like a good problem to some, but it can be stressful.
  10. Your bag is beautiful! Thanks for the pics.
  11. hi there! i just bought my first gh work and love it...while i am 6'2", i weigh about 140 lbs and wear a 4...i am def (and unfortunately) very flat-chested, but i dont think that it would overwhelm you...your height makes up for any insecurities about your size can handle the big bag! :smile:--thats a positive about being tall and lanky!
  12. OH MY LORD!!! You and Glimmer just about have me peeeeeeing my pants!!!

    KristyDarlin', I'm of your flat-chested, small-framed, midget ilk!!!:wlae:

    And, Yes, the Work size doesn't overwhelm me either and I love GH. It's aaaaaaaaaaall gooooooooooood;)
  13. My thoughts exactly! I was like, what doesn't work on someone who's built like a model? (and busty on top of it is so unfair sometimes...) :nogood:
  14. wow! a model height! 5'9"! If only it was in my genes! I agree with Fiatflux... you'd look good in/carrying a paper bag! I was worried when I got my work that it be too big for me and I'm 5'2"! but it looks great if I may say so myself! :p... with your height and frame you'd look FABULOUS!!! the work works great on alot of heights! no pun intended there!
  15. I think the Work & GH Work looks excellent on tall slim people. I am tall and fat and I think I rock it ok! It would look even better on you!