help getting started in the biz

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I'm a newbie but already thankful for all the inputs. I'd like to start reselling higher end bags on eBay and possibly craigslist. Please share some knowledge on how to get stared:

    where do i buy the handbags at prices conducive to reselling at a decent profit?

    are profits really possible given all of the eBay and paypal fees?

    any eBay alternatives?

    Tips and advice?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Unfortunately I don't think you are talking to the right people (correct me if I'm wrong) but we are handbag LOVERS and this is really an addiction for most of us not a business adventure. I don't think any of us really make profits on our bags.. sometimes we get lucky but most of the time we are buying & selling just to indulge our handbag cravings.. I will try to answer your questions though-
    The best places to buy handbags at a discount are: EBAY, Loehman's, Nordy's Rack, TJ Maxx and other discount stores. Profits are possible sometimes if you know your styles and know what they sell for. You will not me made a millionaire though I guarantee it. There are not really any alternatives.. not any good ones anyway. Hope this helps. Good luck to you-
  3. Most of the time we lose $ re-selling our purses, but we have to sell b/c we have to move on to the new purse obsession. As littlerock already said, sometimes selling purses on ebay has been beneficial for some, in terms of profit. One reason could be that they sell limited edition bags or hard to find bags.
  4. Also, profiting on eBay will be harder because of the increase of fees starting Feb 20th (?), and I am not really sure that I trust craigslist
  5. There are a lot of fakes out there which make it difficult for legit sellers in alot of ways. If you have purses you want to sell to make room or raise funds for other bags, then fine. If you are looking at this to make money, don't. Like many other people, I would rather purchase a bag directly from a store than on e-bay and I think prices are even lower on Craigslist since alot of items I have seen on there in various areas, are used.
  6. It's very hard for a new seller on Ebay to sell designer handbags. Ebay is very particular and will limit your listings (and in some cases shut them down) if you don't have a lot of time and feedback on the site already.
  7. Yup. There is a Clothing, Shoes & Accessories board on eBay Communities that may be more helpful. I think most of the ladies here are just selling to finance the obsession. That's certainly the only reason I've ever considered selling any of my bags.
  8. Hello Ladies,

    Thank you so much for all the information. I'm happy to have it before having jumped in two feet.

    Thanks again,
  9. Patty:
    I am a top tier ebay seller and have been for nearly 5 years. But now I realize it is time to GET OUT! Fees just went up AGAIN, REAL buyers are down, and generally it's just a lot of work. So while you are planning to get into it, realize that even many long-time sellers are getting OUT of it.
  10. Thanks Lunna,

    Its interesting and sad. So many are disgruntled with ebay. Are there any good ebay alternatives. Perhaps not for this type of item...

    I heard some buzz about fees going Down. I guess its actually the reverse.

    Thanks again,
  11. Yes, Patty! You heard correctly on both accounts. ebay claimed they are reducing costs for sellers, when in fact they are SLIGHTLY reducing up-front costs and whacking everyone with higher fees when your item sells.
  12. I sell stuff now and then on Ebay when I have to clean out the closets or fund a new bag and it's becoming much more of a hassle. Regarding Craig's List, it's good for some things and nice because you can list for free, but I've had zero luck selling authentic high end bags on there. I see a lot of cheap fakes on there . I've put a couple of authentic Coach and Kate Spade bags up before with no results. Now, furniture - that sells like crazy on Craigs List.
  13. I make a living selling on ebay, and have no intentions of stopping. I sell mens designer clothes.

    If you really want to sell on ebay, start small and work your way up, don't get discouraged, it can get frustrating. You may also find good deals at the outlet stores if you have any in your area.

    Good luck to you!