Help! Garbage truck crashed into my car...

  1. hey everyone I'm in need of a little bit of advice...
    On Weds, I came home to find my car parked on the corner with its bumper halfway ripped off! I was so relived to find a note from my gated community's garbage man telling me to call the company for accident info. So Thurs. morning I called to file a damage report with a rep and was told a lady from claims admin. will call me back between today and tomorrow. And so I waited mid afternoon on Friday to call her to check up and couldn't reach her and so I left a message thinking she'll call me back. I called again Sat and Mon. when I didn't hear from anyone in the company. I even called back the rep I spoke to Thur and was told there was nothing he could do besides leave her a message. I called again just now leaving yet another message but I feel so helpless. I understand it was a 3 day weekend and she might have been off yesterday and all but I need my car! I think they have a small company because when I asked to speak to another person in that department they told me she was it.
    On top of all of this my car isn't drivable and I have no way to get to school/work. Should I just suck it up and pay for the rental out of pocket and risk getting stiffed? I'm afraid their insurance might not cover rental cars. Should I be concerned or am I just jumping the gun? I'm a little bit younger (20) and just afraid they might take advantage of that and push me around.
    I would appreciate anyone's help! Thanks
  2. Why isn't your car drivable? Did they do that much damage to it?? You just said the bumper was half off. If you can, have someone drive you to their offices and speak to someone personally...Don't play around with this phone-tag crap...I hate that! Or, if you must, send a registered letter.
  3. Did you file a police report? Or contact your insurance company? I would do both immediately. Your insurance compnay might be of some help going after the responsible party. Good luck and keep us updated.
  4. YESS SUCCESS! The lady from claims admin, called me back just now after I called just about everyone in the company from the super of the guy that hit me to all of the reps asking them to call her and email her to call me back. I guess tpfer who adviced someone else on here about her eluxury problem is right: bug them enough and they will do whatever it is you needed just to make you go away! Thank goodness for the end of this dramafest! Thanks lamiastella and glitz & glamour for your advice!
  5. My car was hit while I was working about a year ago and while the bumper wasn't falling off the insurance guy said it almost wasn't driveable besides short distances because the structural integrity was compromised. It didn't look bad on the outside but the damage to the inside was much worse.
  6. If you have any problems with this, call YOUR insurance company and let them deal with the garbage company. Hell hath no fury like an insurance company trying to get money back from a crash that wasn't their clients fault.
  7. Glad things worked out.

    Just curious, do you have rental coverage in your insurance? My SUV was hit and while my insurance company was going after the other insurance company, I was driving a rental. His insurance company had to reimburse my company for the fees.
  8. don't you hate when people are just unreachable? its like, what are they doing that they cant be in their office? lol

    hope everything works out.
  9. Around here you would have to have immediately filed a police report, but Id also be going to my insurance company with their info and let the insurance company deal with it.

  10. I'm glad they finally contacted you, but as I said, I would still file a police report and call my own insurance company too. Just to be on the safe side.
  11. that might be a good idea...good luck with your situation:sad: