Help! Galliera PM vs. Montorgueil GM vs. Tivoli GM for my first LV


Apr 12, 2008
Hi! I'm having my friend buy me my first LV from Paris. I'm looking at the pictures in their webpage and I can't decide either galliera pm or montorgueil gm or tivoli gm. Will anybody be kind enough to enlighten me on the pros and cons of these bags? I need a bag that would be sturdy enough to carry a lot of things especially when I'm traveling.

And does the prices on the e-shopping site for France the same as their prices in the stores?

Thanks so much! :smile:


Feb 4, 2006
United States
I would get the Galliera unless you don't want to deal with the open (magnetic closure) top. The Tivoli has a zip top and is very nice, but I like the strap on the Galliera better.


Jul 22, 2006
I would go for the Montorgueil gm or Tivoli gm because they both have zip tops. If you like shoulder bags the Montorgueil will probably be a better choice. I have the Tivoli gm and it also can go over the shoulder but probably won't be as comfortable as the Montorgueil because of the rolled handles.


Jul 5, 2007
I think the Galliera would be the best choice because of its strap and because it holds a lot! Not sure about how the Tivoli and Monty's handles are if there were a lot of stuff in it!
Sep 26, 2006
Go for the Galleria-it is such a great, casual bag and the one strap is so easy to carry-I am so saving for this bag and take every chance on trying it out in an LV whenever I am near one! I am in love with the hobo style and the fact that the bag is so soft, but if you want a structured bag better go for an other one. I am not a fan of the handles of the Tivoli, it looks a bit odd when put on longest imo and the Tivoli handles are to short for my liking.
Jan 30, 2006
New Jersey
i just recently bought the galliera and frankly could not love the magnetic closure misalignment and how the lining shows a little on both sides. it is a stunning bag though. i just recieved my tivoli gm yesterday and am totally in love with it. i guess since i love structured bags and the tivoli is somewhat of a structured bag, it won my heart over. the handles and everything about it is perfect for me. i love that is has a zipper on top. though with the galliera the way it coforms to your body, the top of the bag will be secure.
which style does your hear yearn for, a hobo or a structured bag?
this decision is not an easy one but ultimately you must decide on the one you love of luck!!


Apr 9, 2008
I have both, just purchased the Galliera. The Galliera seems to work better for everyday use. Have only been using it for a few days though....


Apr 12, 2008
hi guys! thanks so much for the reply. I really appreciate it :ty:

I took the whole night reading your blogs/posts about these bags and I told my friend to get me the tivoli gm as first choice and galliera pm as second choice. the galliera gm seems to be too big!

I'm crossing my fingers. hahaha! And I'm already counting the days when my friend returns! :smile:

I chose the tivoli because its much more versatile, can be hand-held or carried on the shoulder. I also like the zip top. The galliera is a winner in terms of design but I'm not big on its magnetic closure and the inventeur plate.

It will ultimately be the stores of Paris that will decide. I hope they don't run out of tivolis but if i get the galliera, I think I'd also be happy with it. hahaha!

I'll let you know!


Oct 30, 2007
I have both the tivoli gm and the galliera pm...I have been using my galliera more than the tivoli...but...if you want a zip top than I would go for the tivoli!