Help...Fushia Ostrich Plume 32 in Bal Harbour

  1. Hi...I'm in Florida right now and went to the Bal Harbour store and there was an ostrich Plume in Fushia 32cm with palladium!! Love it so much!!
    I just don't know if it is right for me. I never had a Plume and I am waiting for a cognac ostrich Birkin 35cm. :blink:
    The SA has it on hold for me for a few days to decide which was soooo nice of her. The only thing that is bothering me about the price which is I think about $10000 is that it looked a little squished in one area and there was a speck of dirt inside the bag. Does that mean it was a return? While I was there she showed me a beautiful pink/fushia/burgundy silk scarf and now I can't remember the pattern but it is new for fall 2006. Also, OMG...I bought a mini agenda in fushia ostrich. It seems kind of small and I need to take another look at it.
    At the store there was also quite a few Bolides, white trim with gold, white Bolide with Toile...Beautiful!! I think one Kelly 28cm gold rigide on the sales floor and other Kellys in the back which she showed another client. They have a lot in the back and I'm kind of upset I wasn't shown the Kellys also.:rant: Oh...also a red ostrich Bolide in the smaller size - 27cm? Do I buy or wait?
  2. Aaah!!! lh...I love the plume style - I guess you need to decide which style bag you really would like the ostrich in - do you want the zipper? Did you like the style? Would you prefer the birkin in ostrich? Of course the birkin is going to more tote-like than the plume is 28 and it's really nice for me - I do think the bag would look amazing in ostrich!! If there is dirt in it, I would point that out to the SA - also would that bother you? Maybe a discount...who knows! the mini agenda sounds cute!! Not much help I guess but you have to follow your gut...if you've been dreaming of an ostrich birkin, you might want to wait...
  3. Thanks shoes...well I saw the dirt and I took it out without telling her. Maybe it's dirt from Paris...LOL!! The mini agenda is cute and not heavy or bulky. The Plume is gorgeous and I guess I need to think about it...very convenient with the zipper!
  4. I do love the plume and love that it is also a little "unknown" Hermes bag as well....especially in the ostrich it would be a little quiet!
  5. are probably right about the Plume...loved it!!
    I have to get off the computer soon because the Hotel is going to 'kick" me off...I'm getting funny looks...LOL!
  6. OMG you're in Hermes Heaven!!! First, IMO the mini agenda is kind of on the small size and I'd bump it up to at least a medium. Just my opinion but I like an agenda where I can SEE the stuff I write :rolleyes: LOL, lovehermes.....

    The Plume is gorgeous in the exotics IMO. Just gorgeous! But if you buy the Plume does that mean you would cancel the Birkin?

    WOuld you consider the White Bolide with Toile instead and then wait for your Birkin? White Bolide w/Toile would make a GREAT Spring/Summer bag and, well, you know how much I like those combos....

    I'm thinking I haven't been much help here.... :sad:
  7. Oh Shopmom...I know I never had so many choices before!!
    You're probably right about the agenda and it was about $800 so that money could go towards the bag. I did buy a white clemence Bolide 32 before I left and now I kind of secretly wished I had bought the white/toile. Oh what to do!! Miss you and the Forum!!
    Thanks for your help.
  8. Can you exchange the Bolide for the combo? I can't help but think the combo might go with more things....I just think those Bolides in the combo are gorgeous and if I EVER saw one, I'd have a hard time turning it down. Good God, I HOPE I don't see one for a while.....
  9. Ohhhh! I know it's hard, but I'd wait fot he Birkin, myself!:yes:
  10. Hi I can't because I didn't buy it from a Boutique, but I guess I could sell it.
    Thanks's so difficult! I should have went to another store.
  11. I love the Plume and I think fuschia ostrich sounds gorgeous. But if it isn't in perfect condition (the squished area) I would wait for your Birkin. That is too much money to spend on anything less than perfection. That scarf sounds lovely, what was the name??
  12. Just a thought...sometimes we have our minds fixated on one thing...then, something is placed in front of us. If you feel after a bit the bag on hold would be a nice keeper then go for it!!! Don't worry about the birkin...there will be another.

    Ask about the squished area and let them tell you what is up. Be 100% happy.

    Also, I was thinking of making a trip to that Hermes. Did you get the feeling that most of the bags were hidden in the back? Like they had a nice stock in back vs. any stock in front?

    Keep us posted!
  13. isn't the ostrich birkin just a couple thousand more?!?! if so, then i'd wait... esp. if that plume is squished:yucky:
  14. I'm actually surprised an H boutique would allow a "squished" and marked bag to be're spending so much $$...make sure you're happy, Honey!
  15. I was wondering how you were doing :flowers: I'm sure the Plume is BREATHTAKING but I must agree that with a smush, that is almost a hint to you that you should wait for the Birkin.