Help from the experts--Woodbury Common Outlets

  1. Hey girls. Some friends and I are thinking of taking a mini road trip down to the Woodbury Common Outlets. I have a few questions and would be grateful to anyone who could share their experience. We're grad students, so we're not going to be shopping the haute couture shops such as Chanel, Gucci, and the like. We're interested in the more mid-level designers and stores. The project involves a lot of shoes and bags. ;)

    1. It's a five and a half hour drive, so I kind of want to get an idea of what kind of selection and deals I can expect before making the trek. Has anybody been to the following stores:

    Coach outlet
    Cole Haan
    Stuart Weitzman
    Neiman Marcus Last Call
    Off 5th Saks 5th Ave.

    If so, how was the selection? What kind of deals can I expect?

    2. Is there anywhere else at the outlets that you would recommend for great deals (no more than $300) on clothes, shoes and bags?

    Thanks so much in advance for helping a newbie!

  2. hi gloworm!
    i'm no expert but i made my first ever "real" bag purchase at the coach outlet in woodbury commons during last year's black friday sale. i got a caramel leather satchel and a logo wristlet for just USD 250 (for both)!!! i think that was around 40% off retail. the bags that i got were not in season (and that's something we all expect from the outlets, anyway) but i do remember that they also had bags from the current season in the store that day. they were being sold at around 10-15 percent off. not a huge discount but still better than buying retail.
    the lines were long so i only got to visit off 5th afterwards. nothing much left there when i arrived.
    happy shopping!
  3. I've been many times and it really depends on if you hit the stores at a "lucky" time when they have stuff you like.
    Cole Haan and Coach sometimes have had great stuff. At both stores I've gotten the "real" thing, i.e. not products made for the outlets. NM last call and Saks off 5th are 2 of my faves and usually have terrific buys.
    There's also a Donald Pliner store and Kate Spade.
    Check the website before you go, sometimes they have discount coupons.
  4. hi!! I as just there last week!!

    NM had a couple of Marc Jacobs & other than that , not much (I did pic up a fabulous TDF pair of Manolos for only $173!!!) if you sign up for a NM card you get an extra 20% off anything you buy too :biggrin:

    Saks off fith was a bit crappy, bags wise, no ral names as such, just a few juicy & that. oh, they did have soem great Sturat wietzman boots though! at only $140!! dam them for not being my size!!!

    I only went into Chanel, Tods, Gucci, Versace, Fendi, Dior, Tag Heuer, NM, Saks, DVF, Carolina Herrera,Timberland (great deals there!!! sign up to their mailing list & they give you an EXTRA 15% off everything you buy!!! hubby got a $190 jacket ~ £190 in the UK~ for just $25 after all the discounts!!)DKNY (not DKNY jeans, that was really crap)errr, & a few others. I didn't got into Cole Haan etc but only cos we were short on time & I was on a high end shopping misson :biggrin:

    if you are going to go, join their VIP section on the website, you get loads of discount vouchers then :biggrin:
  5. Thanks a bunch to all who have replied so far.

    So is it like Disneyland, as in, will I spend my whole time standing in line? We're not going on a holiday weekend or anything. I really don't want to only be able to hit a couple of stores.
  6. You shouldn't have a problem w/lines if it's not a holiday.
  7. nope, i was in & out of all the stores,no queuing. But then I went last Tuesday, I'd imainge it was much busier on a weekend.

    They open til 9pm though, so could you aim to go later if you'#re worried about the queing? I honestly didnt have to wait more than one minute to pay in any store, it was busy, but they see perfectly geared up to dea lwith it & happily called over extra SAs if there was a queue.
  8. i visit coach and saks everytime i go there. saks seems to have alot of promos.

    and coach. is always either hit or miss.
  9. oooh! also, Tods have super deals on their shoes!! I picked up a pair for $150!!, to be honest, most places ther have soem really great prices . I picked up some cute DKNY slingbacks for $10:biggrin:

    I got a Tods D piccola for $600, from $950 in stores. & a fab DKNY tote($100) & matching coin purse($20) whihc both had another 30% off. most places seem ot have mark downs & then discounts on top of that!

    Gap had some super cute trousers for $30, & then 40% off!! I got three pairs & a couple of super cute jumpers to wear wit hthem!!
  10. Gloworm, where abotu are you travelling from??
  11. Kingston, Ontario. When I put the information into Mapquest, it came up as being a 5 hour and 38 minute drive. Usually Mapquest is really accurate, but my husband was worrying that it might be further since people usually count on about eight hours or a little more to get to New York City proper.

    We're going partly just for the fun of a little trip, but then there's also the fact that I don't have access to most of the brands I'm eyeing because I live in a smaller city. And I really would want to save a considerable amount on stuff I buy to make up for the hotel costs, etc.

    I often order stuff sight unseen from various places and it comes in the mail; it would be really nice to actually see the stuff beforehand for once. :smile:
  12. oh, ok, well, if it helps, we stayed in Boston & it took us about 3.5 hours from there.

    what about the outlets at Waterloo, in upstate NY? are they closer? I mean, they have all the same stores, except the really high end, like Chanel;

    Waterloo Premium Outlets
  13. I had thought of that. It really is a lot closer (I think it's three and a half hours away or something like that). I was thinking that they didn't have the same selection of stuff, though. There's no Stuart Weitzman, Cole Haan, Saks, or Nordies, to name a few. I haven't been able to find a pair of cute tall leather boots that don't have a ridiculous heel to save my life at home, and I was hoping that since Cole Haan and Stuart Weitzman have a reputation for having fairly comfy shoes, I might have some luck.

    But Waterloo does have Coach!

    Has anybody been to the Waterloo outlets? Am I right in thinking it's worth it to drive to the Woodbury ones instead for what I'm looking for?
  14. If you're only looking for one or two really specific items, i.e. tall boots, in my experience outlet shopping isn't the best way to go about it. Usually, at least for me, I tend to find what I'm not looking for at the moment but a great deal nontheless. I.e. a great jacket for work when I want pants... The Woodbury Outlets are huge and its probably a hit or miss thing. I went there a couple of years ago and only got some shoes and a hoodie, but it was about 3-4 pairs for BCBG shoes for $15 each.
  15. I just went on Friday. I only went to a few stores! I didn't get anything! I couldn't believe it but I didn't want to "waste" money on stuff I wasn't in love with! I think I was in an off mood! LOL:lol: I really went b/c I wanted a specific wallet at Dior and they didn't have it! I couldn't shake off the disappointment of not getting it!:crybaby:

    Gucci had a lot of bags and wallets out of all the high end designers. I did not go to Coach b/c I have an outlet near me and I could go anytime. Fendi had nothing exciting to me and Dior had some cute bags.

    My husband got a nice Calvin Klein suit from Off Saks. He said,"I can't believe I got something and you didn't!" LOL:P