HELP from sellers who have accepted Western Union

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  1. I have a potential buyer located in Pakistan who has asked me if I would accept a payment through Western Union. I've searched some of the other threads and it looks like it's safe for sellers. I'm just not clear about what information I would need to provide to the buyer and how the process works. Can someone who has accepted WU payments explain? Does the money go into my bank, or do I go pick it up fro WU? I really would prefer to not give out my banking information.

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I don't think it's a good idea but I havent done it. just sounds like a dispute waiting to happen.

    I bet the CEO will be glad to offer up an answer to that!:rolleyes:
  3. its totally safe FOR U.go to WU.COM and find their closest location.My grocery stores all have locations INSIDE THEM(Shop-Rite).U need the WU Transaction number ,the persons name addy and phone number to pick it up.They give u cash instantly after u show an ID!
  4. Ok, sounds easy enough! So, what info does the buyer need to provide when they are sending the payment? Also, am I right in assuming there is no risk of charge back even if they pay with a credit card? From the other posts I have read, it's more risky for buyers because once they money is picked up that's it...
  5. ^No risk for U...just the person sending the money.No chargebacks.
    U need to give him your name,addy and phone number to pick it up
  6. That works! Looks like I can tell this potential bidder that WU is fine. Thanks for your help! :smile:
  7. You Don't have to give your address or number!!!! Just your name and city. then she have to give you her name, city or country and reference # (mtc)
  8. I sell designer handbags on Ebay. I perfer payment by western union and I always offer discount. Their fee is reasonable. It's fast and easy. There is no chargeback. Paypal don't allow sellers to mention about it and warned buyers not to pay by WU. Paypal just want to manipulate.
    In fact, Paypal is not safe at all. I've been scammed.
  9. Sounds good to me... No PayPal fees!!! I wound up calling WU and they said that I just had to give my city and state and that I can pick up the money at any WU location located in my state. They also said there is no fee for me to accept money. Not sure if there is one for the buyer, but if there is it sounds like its nominal from what Bagchannel's post says.
  10. I never paid by WU. I think there are some fees on the payer's side. There are no fees on the receiver's side. Sometimes The WU's currency rate turns out better than the bank's.
  11. BTW, When u go to receive the WU money , they will give you Cash! Make sure you have all the information before you go to collect the money. ie.
    The confirmation no., the buyer's last name, first name, full address. You can trace the payment online to double confirm everything is correct.
  12. WU is the best payment method for sellers. I wish all buyers could pay me with WU. :yes::P You only need to give the buyer your City, zip code and full name. Once they sent the payment via WU, you will receive a WU code so you can go to any WU agent to collect the cash.
  13. I am new to WU. Can the buyer pay online or does she have to physically make a trip to a branch? I hear that WU may be unsafe for buyers, so many scams out there, though it's totally safe for sellers. How do you convince a buyer new to WU that it's safe?
  14. The buyers who are willing to pay by WU, most of them are non-US buyers. They have no confirmed address. If they buy expensive items on ebay, I bet many sellers won't accept their paypal payments. ( Unless they have good feedback records.) Many buyers don't want to pay tax in their countries. If payment outside Paypal , the seller can declare the bag at a lower value to avoid tax. Also, seller could reimburst the paypal fees to the buyer. so both parties could benefit from payment outside paypal.
  15. I guess you just need to insure the bag and get signature confirmation, because what if they say they never received the item or the item they received is not as described and/or they send you back a fake??? Probably the worst they could do is leave you neg feedback??? The whole ebay thing is nervewracking these days. I have a buyer now, who after I repeated three times in my listing that she needs to pay with confirmed address with paypal, wanted to know if she can "use her brother's paypal account because she doesn't have a bank account"!!! I mean this is AFTER she won the auction -- outbidding several other bidders-- not BEFORE the auction as in "would it be possible to use my brother's paypal account?" I would have of course said please tell your brother to bid on this using his confirmed account.