help from kelly owners: STRAPS?

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  1. hi everyone,
    let me introduce myself as i'm more of a regular in the chanel forum (though i haven't been posting much at all recently). i'm jennifer and i'm venturing into H territory! hi all! :p

    i'm interested in getting a canvas strap for my vintage kelly. i've seen the fab pics of some members here with their kellys and canvas straps, and i think it looks great! :love:

    so, i went to the hermes store in SCP (south coast plaza) in costa mesa, california. when i asked about canvas straps for the kelly, the SAs looked at me like i was crazy and had no idea what i was talking about! the first SA i spoke with was somewhat "unfriendly", shall we say, in telling me that what i was looking for didn't exist. he basically said that changing the image of the kelly with a canvas strap would be wrong. i left a bit embarrassed.

    can someone guide me as to what to say (or not say)? i'd like to get a black canvas strap.

    thanks so much for any help!! :heart:
  2. You should ask for a canvas strap for the Evelyne.
    That's the bag that nowadays uses this strap.
    They're definitely available.
  3. hello2703, thank you! i'll try asking for that this weekend.
    licencetocook, thanks for the link! if the SA doesn't come through, i was thinking of getting it through luxury.
  4. they can be ordered in Europe, any length. Hard to get in USA.
  5. ^^^ They can be ordered in the US too. Call the Mad Av store or KOP.
  6. The name of this strap is :
    Supplement Bandouliere ( it will help your SA to find it in the Hrmes listing)

    And it was precisely designed for Kelly bags !!!!

    You have to specify the leather, the color, and the color of Hw.

    Comes in two standard lenghts ( including hw): 100 cm or 90 cm.

    But you can order it the length you like. Or have it shortened FOR FREE at NYC when you get it.

    Good luck !
  7. am so sorry you had that experience
    Amazing to think they had no product knowledge
  8. Madison has these available. Ask for an Evelyne strap in the leather and color you need.

    Screw what he thinks!! If you want to change your leather strap on your Kelly that is your business not his.
  9. Omg. I am so sorry for your experience. What an unfortunate experience. And to think after reading the Kelly Messenger thread, I was about to inquire into it the canvas strap SCP too. I would have been the one starting this thread.

    Perlerare, thanks for the great info.
  10. *jennifer*: Hello and welcome to the orange side :flowers:. I'm so sorry to hear about your encounter with that particular SA. Some SAs are not well versed in the products they are selling (duh!).

    The canvas shoulder strap is definitely available on SO. You can specify the color and the length too.

    Good luck!
  11. Hi Jennifer. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience at SCP. The way that SA addressed you was past unacceptable. Unfortunately SCP H has had some recent employee turnover. I can understand it would take time to become knowledgeable for a new employee. (I was recently asked the diff. between box and evercalf-scratch wise why me? ). But what is their hiring criteria? Obviously not professionalism. Because of this SAs rudeness someone could leave that store with a negative impression of the whole experience. Not just the employee. Unfortunately I have heard some other neg. experiences.
  12. Ugh. I hate that you had a bad experience at your H store. The SAs have no business telling people what is "right" or "wrong". Idiots.
  13. You MUST get the canvas strap! I bought mine from Pete at LZ because I'm terribly impatient..........I love mine and used it exclusively while in NYC.......everyday, everywhere!
  14. ^^^S'Mom, you are ROCKING that Kelly, girl!!!:tup::rochard: