Help from Eugenie owners!!

  1. After reading all the posts, I decided that the Eugenie wallet would be my next purchase. However, I cannot decide on which color. I think the mono really looks awesome!! But then, it looks stylish in epi, too. Which do you guys think is better?

    Also, i read that some people did not consider getting it because of the buckle. Does it really scratch easily? How do you prevent this?

    And lastly, since it has a buckle, is it heavy? Especially after putting in everything you need inside the wallet, does it get heavy?

    please post some pictures if you can :smile:

    Thanks sooo much in advance!! :biggrin:
  2. me too. I want to know. I got the MC pochette monaine but then I kinda like the eugenie.
  3. Hey. I was totally in love with the white epi Eugenie wallet when I first saw it online. Then I couldn't decide if I wanted the black one because I was afraid the white one would get dirty. When I went to see it IRL, I actually didn't like the way it looked. I thought the white would be whiter. My cousin standing next to me thought the black leather looked cheap. I ended up buying the mono and I'm very happy with it. I think it's timeless and the monogram pretty much can go with anything.
  4. I love my mono Eugenie, so of course I'm going to recommend the mono. Either way, you can't go wrong, imo. Let us know (with pictures) what you decide.

  5. hahaha, this is great guys! now i'm totally lovin' the mono!

    so does the buckle get easily scratched? is it heavy?
  6. yeah about the scratches????
  7. Lol, mine is only about a week old, but still no scratches yet.
  8. Love the mono! Scratching is inevitable on it though.
  9. by any chance, does any one of you have a picture of a scratched buckle?
  10. I do love Eugenie but it takes time to open her compared to the pret tresor.
  11. I mean the Porte international one.
  12. I've had mine over a month and my buckle doesn't have any scratches on it yet (knocks on wood). Althoughth unless I'm opening her, she's in her sleeper a lot of the time, even in the purse. lol
  13. I've had a black epi Eugenie since it was first released (6mos?). The buckle hasn't scratched yet, and I use it every day. I am not in love with it though, because it is larger, heavier than I am use to and the section for currency takes getting use to. I am actually considering getting the Alexandra in azur.
  14. GO WITH THE EPI! The first time I saw it on Elux...oh man. Epi in white, took my breath away - and still does ^_^
  15. i have one in black epi, i literally throw mine around. it's held up real well and i havent noticed any scratches. i let my mom borrow it for her trip to hong kong so i dont have any updated pics with normal usage.