Help from Ergo owners

  1. Hi all,
    I appreciate all of your help with the decision about the Ali vs. the Large Bleecker Flap. I have pretty much decided to go for the Bleecker Flap (I will have to turn to eBay, as the outlet near me has no Bleeckers). I have loved the styling of the Lg. Bleecker Flap since I first saw it in a magazine last year, so that one is definitely a front runner. I love the way that the Ali looks in white, but the fact that it is a really big bag that is sort of heavy makes it a no-go for me. I am sort of picky about heaviness and bag size, because I have a bad back.

    This is what led me to take a closer look at the Ergos, which is something that I never thought of before. I looked through all the old threads on Ergos (which have been very helpful), and really like the totes with a scarf tied on them. I love that they are a light weight bag and built to be comfortable to carry.

    I just saw the patent leather tote in pond, and the pebbled leather in white--and although they are very plain compared to the bleecker flap--they are very pretty. Either one would look great with a scarf, I think. If you have an ergo tote, what do you like about it vs. your other Coach bags? What do you think of the styling? Are they really easier to carry-comfort wise? And lastly, what do you think of the patent leather pond color? Which scarf would you get with it?

    Thanks for any help you can provide. I will be making a trip to the Coach store today (it's my birthday and I want to try to figure this out today!) to try on some Ergos.

  2. I think the pond patent tote w/ the tattersall ponytail scarf would be gorgeous! If I didn't already have the tote in the turqoise and red patent I would be all over that. In fact, I'm looking at the bleeker duffle in pool (with the scarf) b/c I think I would really like that combo.

    I love my totes - very lightweight, easy to carry, and I don't have them full but like the fact that I can throw in a diaper or a book if I want to.
    HTH, and good luck!
  3. I like all three of those purses in black: the patent leather large ergo, the large flap bleecker, & the black that order. I know I won't use all three so I only want one. So whichever one I can get for a good deal, I'll be happy.
  4. i think the ergo totes are great! i have four of them. i don't have the patent pond, but i have the patent red and love it. they do look super cute with the scarves tied on.

    did you check your outlet for ergos? lately they've had black, camel, and chocolate totes for a great deal, around $190.
  5. I have the belted Ergo tote in plum and I adore it. I also have an Ergo hobo, but I just love their look and they are very lightweight. I can't stand heavy bags and even the lightest bags hurt my shoulders, so these are really great. I wore the tote out shopping and it didn't hurt my shoulder once. It holds plenty and I'm really happy that I plunked out the 400 bucks for it!!
  6. :tup:That's exactly what I was thinking too. I have the turquoise tote and it's by far my favorite bag. So lightweight but it still holds a ton!!
  7. I have two ergo totes - black leather and pond patent. They are, next to my new Alis, of course!, my favorite bags. They are soooo comfortable to carry, so easy to use (I love the dogleash clip to close it - makes it easy access for my kids stuff that I always wind up carrying) and I always said, one of my favorite things about these bags is that they are just perfect for dressing up w/scarves and charms. Here's my babies all dressed up;
    ergo set 003.jpg
  8. I have a chocolate sig ergo and I love it so much - I have a bad back too, and I can carry this one on my shoulder without it hurting, or carry it on my arm. I think the pond with the tattersall scarf would be GORGEOUS!!! :tup:
  9. I love that picture of your pond ergo! It is so pretty with the scarf.:heart:
  10. Thank you all so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I went to both the Coach Store and to Macys. Macys didn't have any Ergos at all, but I did try on the Bleecker Large Flap there.

    I am really torn as far as my decision. I think if the Ergo Pond were in the under 300.00 range I would buy it because I really loved the color. I know it is new and it costs what it costs--but I can't help but feel guilty for spending that much for a handbag. I have bought Dooney and Bourkes and Cole Haan bags in the just under 300.00 range and felt okay about it--but never ventured passed that point. It is a big decision.:girlsigh:For some reasons the 200.00s seem much more reasonable than the 300.00s or 400.00s. They have no Ergos or Bleeckers at my closest outlet, unfortunately.

    The Bleecker was really cool looking. I didn't like the buckskin very much, but Macy's had a bottle green one (for full price of course!) and it was really neat. That is a very unusal bag--I love the "New York" styling of it and the strap that looks like a belt. It seems a little dark and heavy for spring, though.

    The last thing that I saw on the Coach website was the med. Ergo tote in a "orangey-red" color that isn't on the menu options. That was pretty, but I don't know if they still have that one or if it is new.

  11. the bottle green bleekers are at the outlets.
  12. Okay. Phew! I feel like I have given birth! I have finally made a decision and bought my bag. Who knew it would be so hard? :rolleyes:

    I got this bag:
    White Medium Ergo Tote

    and then to celbrate bought from the Coach store:
    Legacy Striped Ponytail Scarf
    to tie on it when it comes home to live with me.

    You guys have all been great with your advice. I have a strong suspicion that this will not be my last Coach! I have to try to make the long trek to the Vacaville outlet one day--I live in the Bay Area and it is sort of a haul, but would probably be worth it.

    Take care,
  13. Great choice!! Enjoy it!