Help from anyone who knows the Houston area?

  1. Hi I just found out that we may need to move to the Houston area for hubby's job in Bayport, TX. :sweatdrop:

    Any advice on what would be a good zip code/area to buy a house, with 2 young children getting ready to start school? Are there certain areas with better schools? A co-worker recommended looking in Sugarland.

    Cost of housing is not an issue since we live in an expensive part of the country right now.

    TIA!!! Any advice would be appreciated :tender:
  2. cy-fair has a great school district. so does katy isd. so you should check those out. i live in cy-fair and my zip code is 77041. Check out Lakes of Eldridge and Lakes of Eldridge North. they have great homes.
  3. We have friends in Katy and it's great there. Love it! They say the schools are great as well. Housing there is reasonable compared to other parts of the country. I was amazed at the price they paid for their's beautiful. In our area...that home would sale for double and
  4. I wouldn't recommend Cy-Fair. The school district is spotty. We moved AWAY from that side of town to get away from it. It's getting a little dirty in some parts. Although, some are great like Luxury pointed out.

    We moved to Katy. It's fabulous and the schools are wonderful! They are building a ton of new homes!
  5. Sugarland (77478/77479) is a really good neighborhood. Good school districts to consider: Fort Bend and Katy.
  6. i grew up in sugar land and went through elementary, middle and high school there. great schools and greatttt place to live. in fact, it was named the 3rd best city in the US to live. sweetwater, avalon, telfair, and new territory are all great neighborhoods.