HELP!! French Bull!!

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  1. Well, I live with my family still and our family dog is a wonderful, well behaved LOVING rotweiler. Everyone loves him (children, neighbors, seniors), etc. I am moving into my own apartment soon. I have always wanted a French Bull Dog but after reading things on here I felt bad about buying one.
    Anyway, so it turns out that there is a 6 month old French Bull Dog up for adoption that was purchased at a breeder. The couple just had a baby and can't give the dog attention.
    So....what do you think? I want this dog to be best friends with our Winston, obviously. I am back and fourth between both my place and my parents.
    What can you tell me about them?
  2. I don't think there's really anything stopping you from adopting a dog that you really want. If you really are back and forth between homes then it's better as your rottie will get to know your new pup better
  3. I am going to see the FB today and am feeling soooo guilty:shame:! Our rottweiler is like the star of the show right now and I want to make sure that he still gets enough attention when another dog arrives. I just don't think there could be another dog that is more demanding of attention than our dog now...but they say FB's are pretty pushy. We'll see...I have hopes of them keeping each other entertained also.
    If all goes well today I will bring him home and worst case scenario I can bring him back (the owners are aware of the situation and we want to make sure this is the best place for him). Thanks for the help and any other insight is appreciated!
  4. So we went to see him yesterday and we took him home with us. His ears are itchy and one is very dry. They were feeding him puppy chow :sad: I have purchased some wheat-corn-free food by Organix and Whole Foods and just starting mixing a little in with his puppy chow today. Any ideas what to do with his ears?

    I notice that he also loves to kiss our Rottweiler on the mouth. I read that this can be a sign of submission but I'm not sure why he does it so much. Our Rottweiler has been growling because the frenchie will not give up! Any advice is appreciated!
  5. Hm...I would definitely take him to the vet to see about the dry/itchy ears. I would also recommend that they test him for worms, etc. so as to not pass anything to your Rottie.

    As for the new dog pestering your Rottie, maybe use a squirt bottle to deter him? I usually use one for my Chis when they get too yippy and it works great!! :smile:
  6. Congrats on your newest furbaby! I would definitely check with the vet about his ears. I checked out Organix but when speaking with their rep I was advised all their food uses a Chicken base. My Frenchie is allergic to just about everything so it was a no go for us. I ended up going with a Venison/Potato food.

    I know all about the mouth kisses. All three of my boys do this throughout the day. I would follow Couture's advice with the waterbottle for unwanted behavior. We have used it on our Frenchie with some success. He is completely stubborn though so he gets fairly wet by the end of it. :roflmfao:

    Positive training works wonders for them. Mine is a treat hog. He doesn't even care whether I give him a legitimate treat or just a piece of his food. :upsidedown: