help! freaking out!!!

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  1. i bought a red epi french purse and epi jasmin off ebay from lvlady99 who is a reputable mprs seller and the leather is different!! the jasmin looks ok, but the french purse, the leater striations aren't as deep and the LV in the front isn't very deep or dark either. is it a fake? everything else looks ok, but the difference int he leather has me worried. help!!!
  2. Can you post pics?
  3. i may be okay since the wallet may show more signs of wear.
  4. i'll post pics when i get home tonight
  5. I think you should be okay with a reputable LV eBay seller but do post pics and the ladies here are very good at spotting fakes from the real thing.
  6. it could be the age (of production) difference, I've seen a discontinued epi purse and the leather finish looked a little different from my newer epi pochette, both auth. so I guess LV makes changes all the time...
  7. First will be ok either way. If its fake and she is reputable she will take care of it.
    I am sure its fine. Things do look different if they are from different years.
    Good luck and let us know how it works out.
  8. Dont panik.
  9. hmm.. first off, i think a new red has been produced and discontinued an old red.. because if you look at the colors for epi now.. it's called "NEW RED".. so that may be the answer to it. it's a brighter more vibrant red, and the old red is darker/deeper.
  10. We'll know for sure as soon as you post pics. Don't panic, we're here to help you.
  11. If anyone has the catalogue, in the front where they discuss the different types of lines and their material, the discussion on epi leather I think (!) mentions something about what it looks like over time. Does it say it gets a bit smoother? I can't remember, and I've loaned my catalogue to a friend.
  12. lvlady99 is a reputable seller. You shouldn't have a problem :biggrin: Post pictures when you can!
  13. They had different red epis in the past 2 years. Both are red with gold hardware. The older one has darker striations and the LV logo is darkened as well. The 'New Red' doesn't have as dark striations and the LV logo is not darkened (therefore, hard to view until you get up close). I know this for a fact because when I was purchasing a red epi pochette, I got to choose between the one last stock of old red epi versus the new red epi. My 6 keyholder is also red epi but has dark striations w/dark LV logo. I had recently bought a red epi french wallet, but this one didn't have dark striations and the LV was not darkened (I ended up returning to repurchase through Eluxury to avoid tax).

    I like the older one better. The red has an overall darker rich color to it.

  14. ok, that makes me feel a little better. it describes the two i have perfecty. maybe the jasmin is the old red and the french purse is the new red. i will search for my cord and post my pics asap!
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