HELP! Freaking out!

  1. I KNOW we're supposed to post this question in the Hermes shopping area but, NO ONE seems to know when/if there will be a 'sale' in SF...and I'm terrified that I missed it by SECONDS!...or days if you will...or that's it's going on RIGHT now and I'm sitting on the computer typing...can you IMAGINE? Ah! The horror!!

    So, if anyone can put me out of my misery and tell me those dates, so I can stop thinking about it...I'd be ever so grateful.

    Oh, and in the likely event that I've, indeed, missed this sale...please...have pity on my when we have our H meet and shop in SF on the 10th...don't point out ANYTHING that was on sale...or might have been...I'll just curl up and cry. Like a baby. In the middle of Hermes.

  2. ^Ditto

    I keep wondering about when the SF sale was/is too!!

    ATG---We'll be sobbing in a corner together on the 10th if we missed it!
  3. Shopmom went, it must have been the beguinning of January....
  4. Yes, this weekend is the sale in Las Vegas...sales have already been held in SF and at SCP to my knowledge...
  5. Aw :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    I wish someone could have told me that, I understand if no one wanted to post for lurkers to buy up everything, post on eBay, and mark up prices, but there are PMs......:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  6. Just a note for the future... cause I missed this years sale too. All it was ALL my fault. :push:

    Get to know one SA at your local Hermes. Let her know you want a couple things, and would like to be in the loop. Then build a relationship by visiting once, or having a chat for a few minutes.

    THEN you can call and ask her when the sale is. Or she might even call you! That simple. It's not a secret, just not advertised. :yes:
  7. Actually, there were posts and a thread regarding the sale dates in SF and SCP. Boston's sale starts Monday. If you start a relationship with a particular SA, they send out notes regarding the start of the presale and the public sale date.
  8. Thanks for that advice now that it's too late! And there were no previous (recent) posts regarding sale dates for SF...I know 'cause I've been asking...and I'd LIKE to start a relationship with an SA but, I haven't BROUGHT anything yet and was hoping I could dip my toe in (and not make my husband mad) by buying something that was slightly less than usual...I did, however, hope I was building relationships here and that would leave me in better stead than any ol' SA. Hope the shopping was fun!
  9. The Boston store had forms at the register that you can fill out to be notified of special events -- it looked like a form from "corporate", so all the stores likely have them.
  10. RTW or not RTW....that is the question
  11. Well, that's surprising. The sales associate that sold me a 5K watch in January didn't tell me about the sale at the SF store, (where they are). I don't like the SF store so much, not very friendly. Does anyone have an SA there that they like?
  12. When I get to the SF store in Feb--I'll look for those forms! Great tip FR! And thanks for posting that link! I do not know how that slipped by me! Dang it! I check this site every dang day! My DH is always "are you on the purse thing again??" So funny. And true.
  13. It's only RTW, shoes, & some accessories that go on sale, correct? I've only bought a few things from my Hermes & an SA called to tell me about the sale. I didn't go as there's nothing I want to purchase from there right now, but I've heard the discounts aren't that great.