HELP! Freaking out!!! Opinion on Perfo Musette

  1. OK, I fell in love with the Perfo line (I know, I'm a little late! but I started looking for a brown bag for my collection!)

    SOOOO I went to a store today- they say all Perfo got sent back last week. SO I call LV and the SWEETHEART who answers finds me the last's a Musette- I've never seen the perfo Musette- ANYONE??? Please weigh in on this???

    My only other option is buying on eBay which makes me too nervous! I would die if I spent that much $ on a fake!!!!
  2. I love it, my profile here has a pic of me carrying it. Let me find the pic of my Perfo stuff and post it also.
    Here you go, it's the larger bag:
  3. I think it is a cute bag!
  4. It's way cute!!!
  5. I love it that's my favourite out of all the perfo bags!

    oh no sent back! does that mean it's time for the fire???
  6. Ok....feeling better...'cause the part I didn't mention is of course I said 'go ahead and send it to me'...:blink:

    Can it be carried cross-body (messenger style) as well as on the shoulder?????
  7. Yup, it's adjustable (3 holes) and can be worn either on the shoulder or cross body. It's a great bag, really under-rated IMO. Most people went for the Speedy, I went for the Musette lol.
  8. I like it. Reminds me of the Hermes Evelyne.
  9. It's my favorite perfo bag. ^.^ Very cute.
  10. I have the same colour that Rebecca posted, I haven't used it a lot but I love the long, solid shoulder strap.
    Only thing that annoyed me a little was because it is fairly narrow but long it can be hard to dig out stuff that is right at the bottom - but I probably had it too full anyway.:p
  11. Awww I :heart: you guys! Thanks for making me calm down a little over a BIG unplanned purchase!!!
  12. Wow....I love that bag.
    I can't believe you found one NEW.
    If I had known, they were still
  13. Very cute! Perfo is great...I only have a cles but I love it! :heart:
  14. I have seen that bag IRL and love it, I think I saw it in orange. The pink one is so HOT. What is the price on that bag?
  15. Oh goodness, now that you ask, I realize that I didn't ask the SA :rolleyes:. In the reference library it says around $1700 which was more than I was looking to spend's the last perfo bag in any LV store!!! I'll find out when it gets here in a few days!!!:nuts: