Help!!! Foreign Laungage Email From Buyer!!!

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  1. Sjekk ut noen av de nye elektroniske tjenestene på Windows Live Ideas—så nye at de ikke engang har blitt offisielt utgitt ennå. Prøv det!

    I received this email from a buyer today, and I have no idea what it means. For all I know she could be saying, hey Lady I have buyers remorse and I want a refund. HELP!!:confused1::confused1:
  2. That's a link to Windows Live beta site it has nothing at all to do with Ebay
  3. I just saw that. I recieved it today and she should have recieved her bag this week. Wonder if her email was hijacked. She was from France. That doesnt look french to me?!?
  4. I believe it's Norwegian
  5. It's not Dutch it's Norwegian or Swedish. Characters are distinctively Nordic.
  6. it is Norwegian :yes:
  7. What does it say????????????
  8. Still havent figured that out yet :sad:
  9. This is what it means (from one of those translation services)....

    Check edged any of they new electronic services at Windows Live Ideas—så new that they no matter sometime has been officially issued yet. Prøv facts!
  10. Um she bought a bag from me, what they hey? Im not even going to respond. Thanks wantmore!
  11. Very close, wantmore, LOL

    I'm Norwegian, this is what it means:

    Check out some of the new services on Windows Live Ideas - they are so new, they're not officially out yet! Try them!

    This has nothing to do with her email, it probably just got hooked on when she sent it for some sorry it confused you..
  12. Barmakianbags, if she already bought your bag, just send her your usual email, this girl most probably speaks good English, it was just a mistake, she might not even be aware of that message being sent to you via her email..