Help For Vintage Scarf Whose Colors Bled

  1. Hello all,

    I have a vintage Hermes scarf with a white background and the other colors seem to have bled onto the white! I got it this way; I swear I'm not to blame. I sent it to the cleaners and they made it a bit better but... Is there anything I can do to "resurrect" this beautiful piece? I'm worried that the dry cleaning/pressing will have set the "stains" in permanently. Gurus, lay your infinite wisdom on me! Many thanks.
  2. I remember someone sent a scarf to Hermes for cleaning, I can´t remember if they were able to save it, sorry!
  3. ive had the issue with the bolduc scarf, the brown transfered on the orange. I dont know of a good dry cleaner in my area so i cant fix it im thinking of sending it to H.
  4. There is something you can do but it's not for the faint of heart.
    Secure the area that has the bleeding over the opening of a glass.
    Pour nearly boiling hot water over that area carefully. That's it. The boiling hot water will 'wash' out the bleed.
    I wouldn't recommend that method though unless you're an experienced scarfologist.
    Otherwise, just wear as is and tie it prettily. Nobody will notice.
  5. If you do try that, use the smallest possible vessel for the water and pour slowly because the silk will absorb a lot of the water and you'd want to keep the water as close as possible to the diametre of the stain as possible. Good luck if you try it!
  6. "Hello", you are a font of knowledge! And that won't make it bleed more because you are pouring from above? Is that the Physics behind it; velocity blah blah? I could swear that I heard some other thing about boiling it in a copper pot with vinegar.. That may be a mixture of two different remedies; I can't recall. Well I do appreciate all the expertise!! Many thanks.
  7. I have tried my method once and it worked. Don't ask me how but it did. The result though wasn't as super as I would have wished (I was also quite dilettantic) and in retrospect I wouldn't do it again. But it didn't bleed more.

    Vinegar SETS the colour, so that's what the original owner should have put into the water. Easy on the vinegar though, because too much will damage the silk thread.

    How bad is it really? Is it really visible when you tie the scarf or only visible to you because you know it's there?
  8. Well gee, of course vinegar would set color- like when you dye something, you add vinegar to the dyebath. I'm not too swift lately; can one have senior moments in one's 30's? Anyway, I think the bleeding is rather noticeable because of the white background and the blues and reds that have bled. However, I am one of the most anal people ever so I should just get a grip. I guess I find it attractive to fix things, especially if there's some secret way that I can feel superior for employing. HAH!:shame:
  9. I actually have had some success with using LeBlanc silk wash with about 1/2 teaspoon oxyclean dissolved in the water....swish like crazy, and then rinse like your life depended on it....

    Tepid water, not warm, and in the next to final rinse, add a little vineager to neutralize the soaps...

    I have a burgundy and creme etriers that had a really bad section and it came completely out, and no damage to the silk either....

    I am a hearty soul when it comes to washing, and this is not a "sanctioned" method....

    Also...mind you water... mine is 100% untreated filtered pure rainwater...if your city water has a lot of chlorine, or is very hard, your results can vary quite a bit.
  10. Oh thank you Coblatblu! My ignorance makes me daring so I tend to try almost any smart idea. I like this idea enormously, it's sort of potion-y (the oxy-clean will bubble!). I just need to get the silk wash- I bet my mother owns it. :winkiss:
  11. You can easily get it online, too....

    Just be sure you swish swish swish, you dont want that thing so sit in the water, and you want to get all the residues out.
  12. Oh yes. Now that I see the bottle I recognize it. I've used it before on delicates with great success. Mommy has a great vat of it too. There is nothing better than going shopping in your mother's house/store!
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